From: Mohan Natarajan < >

redit: Rajappa Srinivasan


1a. #Sabarimala – SC decides who will enter.

1b. Masjids/Haji Ali/polygamy/3 Talaq/Halala/Sharia – Internal matter of Moslems.


2a. Height of Dahi Handi – SC will give you inch tape.

2b. Slow & painful Halal slaughter of animals – Internal matter of Moslems.


3a. DJ on Ganesh Visarjan – Ganesh doesn’t need DJ.

3b. Loudspeakers from Masjids 5 times a day x 365 days – Their God has hearing issues.

Internal matter of Moslems.


4a. Crackers on Diwali – SC will decide decibel limit, pollution and finally ban it.

4b. Blood on Bakr Eid – Peaceful festivals are internal matter of Moslems.


5a. Durga Puja immersion – Water pollution, traffic jams.

5b. Bloodshed on streets on Muharram – Internal matter of Moslems.


6a. Kashmiri Hindu massacre – SC doesn’t have time to reopen ‘old and irrelevant’ cases.

6b. Adultery – SC says there is nothing like adultery. All polygamous Jihadis must have right to target & trap Hindu married women and their kids.


Unless we Hindus change our present judiciary, the day is not far when:

Massacre of Hindus will be declared internal matter of Moslems.


It is not the time to enjoy IPL, Movies and chant ‘We Respect All Religions’.

Islam and Xianity aim to wipe out Hindus and Hinduism from Bhaarat desh.


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