From: Vasant Sardesai

No doubt adultery involves two persons but in this case how can it be said that the SC acted on the basis of the law in force when he ruled that adultery is not a crime when the law in force clearly says that under section 497 of IPC it is a crime punishable with imprisonment and/or fine?
And under what provisions it declared it as unconstitutional on the ground that it deprived a woman of sexual autonomy by perpetuating stereotypes in society?
Can a person after marriage claim sexual autonomy to have sex with multiple persons? What does marriages especially a Hindu marriages mean?
Does SC want to introduce new norms in the Indian society or does the Constitution say that the party to a marriage shall have full rights to have sex with any other person of his/her choice in spite of marriage?
If that is the understanding of the judiciary, we should urgently change such judiciary and such judges should be impeached for trying to break the Indian society through such judgments rather than following or acting on such judgments.
V. S. Sardesai.

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