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There is a certain country in South Asia that does not admit that it is PARTITIONED. None recollects or realizes that until recently Lahore was as “Indian” as Mumbai and Kolkata today. And since there is lack of guts, courage, even patriotism, none wishes to know from the President’s mouth the reason of Lahore being “beheaded”!
Where to turn for the answer, “Why was Lahore deleted from the map of India?” Or “Why has the frontier dropped from Khyber to Wagah?” And the most disturbing of all is the question, “What are the MUSLIMS doing in Delhi after the “beheading” of  LAHORE?”
We can only pray for “achche din” when not only the President but his Constitution, too, will tell the Truth by naming the TRAITORS who gave their consent to Partition, willingly or unwillingly. The frontier did not drop to Wagah automatically!
Pakistani community in the UK is planning a great demonstration to “welcome” Mr. Modi when he comes to London next week. Indian “coolie” media is not informing the world about the origin of the country called “Pakistan” and what she did within days of gaining sovereignty from “mother” India. We have never seen a graphic representation of the invasion of Kashmir that started on October 24, 1947.
On that day we understood the meaning of “Islam is a religion of peace!” when Pakistani regulars, along with wild tribesmen of Frontier province, crossed the undefended border and started killing, raping and looting all the non Muslim civilians living there. Instead of consolidating their territorial gains and celebrating their victory over New Delhi, they descended to the level of beasts and barbarians and got busy with raping, looting and killing.
Today one can see Islamic “civilization” in Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan where TENS OF MILLIONS of followers of Mohammed have fled their homes, lands and countries in order to live among the Christians in Europe and North America. And the Bangladeshi MUSLIMS are happy to come to the same Hindustan that they profusely abused and left, a generation ago.
 In Kashmir Pakistan is on the offensive but India (Bharat) is on the defensive. Muslims have been on the offensive since 712 while we HINDUS who never expelled them from our soil nor crossed the border to capture and enslave Arabia or Afghanistan, have been on the defensive, claiming to be ”morally superior”!
Suppressing all awareness of PARTITION is again an act of extreme cowardice- too extreme and beyond imagination, impossible for words to describe. Here the frontier dropped from KHYBER to WAGAH and there is NO shame or regret worth owning up in public! The Hindu nation sits SHRUNK in its cocoon and seems in agony while for the RULERS “achche din” are about to come despite the “burning fuse” in Kashmir. What “achche din” came to Bharat after the fall of Sindh (712), and then after the fall of Lahore (approx.. 900 AD) and then after the fall of Delhi (1192), and finally, after the surrender of Lahore and East Bengal (1947)?
The only promise of “achche din” is to show guts and patriotism to publicly renew the pledge of loyalty to Lahore, Multan and East Bengal till eternity.
Hindus who kept quiet after the defeat of 712 AD INVITED the fall of Lahore. And those who “lumped” the defeat of Lahore then INVITED the fall of Delhi in 1192 AD. And then the “achche din” came with the occupation of Bharat by Britain. Our leaders, GANDHI & NEHRU kept promising us “achche din” during all those days of slavery when all the silver, diamonds, gold and treasures of Maharajas was being taken to LONDON. But, instead, we had PARTITION and one third of Bharat flew off the map of India. So the readers ought to KNOW for sure now what is meant by “achche din” for our Hindu nation!
For “achche din” it is not the technical developments or the wealth and riches or the flourishing Bollywood, but an IDEOLOGICAL TRANSFORMATION of the nation’s mentality and belief system. To be serious about living safely in Delhi after fleeing East Bengal, Karachi, Lahore and Srinagar, it is necessary to go over the causes of that historic and horrendous defeat and surrender of 1947.

All the Governments of Bharat since PARTITION (1947) should have remained in the mode of grief, regret, anger, revenge and RETALIATION, making great din and noise, protesting against that uncalled for, unjustified and sudden Islamic ONSLAUGHT.
In 2001 we could have told even America after her WTC towers were set ablaze, “WE HAD WARNED YOU ABOUT ISLAMIC TERRORISM!”
Dear (perishing) Hindu nation, you cannot imagine what the NATIVES of Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and SINDH, who saw their temples destroyed men killed and women raped, had to go through when the barbarians from Arabia INVADED their lands to impose Islam.
The Jews of Irak, the Christians of Syria, the Zoroastrians of Iran and the Buddhists of Afghanistan did not vanish automatically nor do they have an EYE WITNESS of the upheaval when “Islam” arrived with Koran and Sword. But luckily only the Hindus of Pakistan are the EYE WITNESSES of that great calamity when Islam replaced secularism and drowned us in its poison, or forced us to flee in all directions. And yet for the rulers of Partitioned India this “PARTITION” was a NON EVENT that cannot be discussed in Lok Sabha or entered in the Constitution!
To conclude EVERYONE can be sure that behaving like the timid virgin who conceals the FACT of being raped again and again, Bharat will be attacked and invaded from inside and outside again and again till DELHI falls in massacres and bloodshed like Lahore.

To ensure the future of “achche din” we have to look closely and objectively at PARTITION and declare it NULL & VOID since the Muslims in Bharat are as happy or unhappy as in Pakistan. We appeal to the Rashtrapati,
“Mr. President, do what the SHEEP would do in order to survive after a pack of WOLVES has appeared in their forest. Failing to address the surrender of Lahore is to make sure that Delhi goes the SAME way!
“Let there be nationwide discussion on ‘What Sri Krishna, Sri Ram, Shivaji, Netaji, and above all, Guru Gobind Singhji, would have done facing the prospect of Partition- and the surrender of Lahore, the city founded by Luv, the son of Sri Ram and Sita Devi, where Guru Arjun Dev was tortured and killed and Shaheed Bhagat Singh was hanged to death for the cause of “achche din” (Independence)!’”*
Baisakhi, 2018


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