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It is a part of the tradition in Afghanistan that those who pay visit to the tomb of Mohammad Ghori first disrespect the grave of Prithviraj Chauhan by stamping and jumping on the place, where the Indian emperor’s mortal remains are buried.
Reason for this tradition is that while the Prithvi Raj Chauhan was a Prisoner & was blinded by Md Ghori. then also he killed Md Ghori by his arrow in a dramatic event.
The inscription on the tomb reads: “Here lies the Kafer king of Delhi.
People who beat up the grave should come and see Humayun’s tomb in India a contrast in the treatment meted out and maintenance.
There must now be an urgency of bringing back the remains of Prithviraj Chauhan to India for a worthy memorial at Delhi as well as Ajmer.
A brief note on Prithvi Raj Chauhan:
Prithviraj Chauhan was the last Hindu king to sit upon the throne of Delhi. He was born in 1168 as the son of Someshwar Chauhan, the king of Ajmer.
In the first Battle of Taraori (misspled as Tarain) (1191 CE) Muhammad Ghori invaded Prithviraj’s domains. Prithvi Raj defeated Ghori and captured him.
Ghori begged Prithvi for mercy and release. Prithviraj’s ministers advised against pardoning the aggressor. However, the chivalrous and valiant Prithviraj respectfully released the vanquished Ghori.
Second Battle of Tarain (1192 CE): The very next year, Ghori repaid Prithviraj’s gesture by again invading Prithviraj’s kingdom with a stronger army.
Again, the two armies met at Tarain. The Hindus followed a traditional practice of battling only between sunrise and sunset. Ghori attacked the surprised Rajput army before daybreak and thus emerged victorious.Ghori captured prithvi alive and took him all the way to Afghanistan from india.
As a prisoner in afganistan Prithvi Raj haughtily looked straight into the Ghoris eyes. On this Ghori made Prithvi blind.
Even after loss of his sight, he did not lose courage. He along with his poet friend Chand Bardai killed Ghori through blind archery and then stabbed themselves to put a chivalrous life to an end.
Prithvi Raj rather sought his death himself than being killed by Ghori’s army. Such was the life of this great warrior and saviour of his subjects. The brave emperor was buried near the tomb of Mohammad Ghori.
Even today Afghans vent their anger on Prithviraj’s Grave by stabbing on it  through a rope & then pay accolades to their defeated king Ghori.
It’s a pity that the Indian Government who is engaged in the construction work of a war ravaged country has no time to pay honour or renovate the grave of a Valiant King
Ex- Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi had time to visit Baburs grave and pay homage (if I may add, to please a section of society) and not to our very own Indian.
It is not a matter of which caste he belonged to but what he did and who he was A great Indian king. His is a story only heard in hypothetical story books. However he was for real and died and lived in way which is worth saving his grave of malicious people.
Some part of Indian tax payers income goes into the resurrection of Afghanistan and we have the moral right to question the dilapidated state of the grave.
We request our fellow citizens to pass this information forth to each and everyone and request Indian Government to take up this issue forth with the Government of Afghanistan. Either the remains should come back or treated with respect.
Hope and expect every Indian will take sometime off his/her valuable time to pass this on and put this little (even if it is like a drop in the ocean) effort to save the grave of our martyr.
~ Madhav Tembe

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