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Miseries of Bangladesh Hindus began with plantation of communal politics in Bengal by British in 1905. Bengal was divided in two parts: East Bengal with 60% Muslim and 40% Hindu population, and West Bengal with 80% Hindu and 20% Muslim population. Hindu population is sliding down from 30% in 1947 to 23% in 1970 and 9.5% today. Exodus is a daily phenomenon in Bangladesh like all other Muslim country, there are hardly any precedence where non-Muslims has lived long in a Muslim country.

Pre-Pakistan 1946 referendum turned into mass communal riot, which spread all over East Bengal and caused million Hindus death. Massacre of Hindus continued even after creation of Pakistan in 1947. In 1964 riot erupted again with a rumor of theft in a Kashmir-e- shrine, where beard of Mohammed was preserved. The rumor later turns into false and provocative for instigating riot in Pakistan. Muslims needs no issue for destruction/torching of Hindu temple and deities, they will do so unstill the last Hindu lives Bangladesh or converts to Islam.

The most discriminatory racial law “Enemy Property Act” was promulgated in 1965 by General Ayub Khan for making Hindus landless and homeless in their ancestor’s land. Prior to 1965 Hindus owned over 80% agricultural land and 70% urban land. Hindus made most sacrifice in 1971 liberation war, the genocide caused three million deaths of which 80% or more are Hindus. Out of quarter million rape victims, 95% are from Hindus community. Ten million people mostly Hindus (90%) were driven out to India during 1971 war, the exodus of Hindus never stopped and still continues in Bangladesh.

After such a great sacrifice of Hindu community in 1971, the mindset of majority Muslims didn’t change in independent Bangladesh. Secular constitution of 1972 was circumcised by General Ershad in an Islamic flavor with Islam as state religion. He began broadcasting AZAN in the television, Friday as weekly holiday and Red Cross into Red Crescent.

Bangladesh has setup network of madrasa and Islamic institution all over the country under the curtain of moderate Muslim country to train thousands Islamic foot soldier every year as a preparation for Islamic revolution. Existence of two big non-Muslim country Myanmar and India around always generates energy for Jihad in Bangladesh?

As part of continuous intimidation Muslims demolish Hindu temple-deities in regular basis and randomly rape and force convert their girls. The most significant part is all political party unity against Hindus during atrocities are witnessed. Government institution and major political parties observe silence over incident. Police behave very democratic in support of the crime to please its majority community by remaining silent observer. Precedence of arrest and charge sheet is very rare.

So far, the West has shown no interest in diminishing Hindu community of Bangladesh like they have shown in Syrian, Libya, Lebanon & Bosnia.

BMRF (Bangladesh Minority Right Forum)
Dhaka. December 18, 2016.


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