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The Day from Hell. Howls of “Allah Hu Akbar!”


Dear Shri Rajputji,


As you had that Black day of April in Multan, I had a similar day in April or May of 1947, Independence was already announced & the Congress Ministries were formed. In U.P One Education Minister was nominated, named Mr. Sahni who hailed from Jhansi & probably the product of Mission School, Jhansi & was an Arya Samaji. as he had decided to visit first Jhansi & our Mission School, we the Hindu boys had decided to welcome him with “VANDE MATARAM” & “INQUILAB  ZINDABAD”  &  “BHARAT MATA KI JAI ” slogans ,to which the Muslim boys, led by one hefty & Strong Pathan boy of about Six feet Tall , threatened us that Rivers of Our Hindu Blood will flow if we do any Such thing.


Since students Most Wonderful Show of Drill & parade was planned by the Christian Principal, in consultation with Local Police, it was agreed that only we the fifty students (including my two elder brothers) will be permitted to take out silent procession & to greet him. My father was president of Local Arya Samaj and as I had informed him of this forthcoming possible trouble, he had organized 500 (five hundred of Arya Veer Dal volunteers who all were expert in wooden Stick Martial Arts, provided Cover to us, about 900 (Nine Hundred) boys in the grounds and all around the School about Four feet walls were about 5,000 Muslim Kassaies (BUTCHERS) with their sharp BIG- Big Knives & Swords, Ready to jump the walls & kill us.


The moment the Nominated Education Minister Came with all the Police Forces & the moment we, about FIFTY BOYS ONLY  Greeted him with Vande Mataram the Kassaies, jumped the walls and rushed to kill us , but what was the Great planning of my Father  : we all the boys were taken in the cover of Arya Veer Dal volunteers  who showed such a marvelous stick Martial art work that just the 500 of them drove away all the 5,000 Muslim Kassaies  & their Pathan Leader  belonging to that fearful Pathan family with 8 or 10 boys, who were known as Mirza Allah Ditta  &  Sons, had ran away to Karachi that very night & entire Jhansi had become  almost empty of Muslims ( though today they have again grown to about 10% or so, under the patronage of so called Socialist Party whose second man is notorious AZAM  KHAN OF RAMPUR, a HINDU HATER. )


Allah Ditta’s are running a huge Automobile show room & have a huge Bungalow snatched away from HINDUS after killing them.


This is a true First hand real, true story wherein I, my brothers & my whole family were involved.


Warmest Regards,

S C Gupta.


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