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4th March 1947 in Multan


I have a vivid memory of the event a day before Sardar Nanak Singh Ji

was brutally butchered.  But for us he will remain and is a Great Martyr.


I value him more than MK Gandhi.  Gandhi did say that partition would

be on his dead body, but Sardar Nanak Singh, the brave son of Bharat Mata

said vivisection of Bharat will be on his dead body and he fulfilled his prophecy.

The procession of DAV High School Students passed through the Bohar Gate,

in the holy city of Bhagat Prahalaad, the DHAROHAR of Maharishi Kashyap on

4th March, 1947, where I, a young lad of 11 years’ age, happened to be with all

my inquisitiveness and natural innocence.


The Young Students had no arms with them, but their school bags and were chanting Bharat Mata ki Jai, Pakistan Murdabad, when suddenly

crowds and crowds of Muslims along with the local KASSAAEEs armed

with their sharpened knives of varieties attacked with.  These

miscreants were showering abuse and filthy words.


Suddenly the atmosphere changed and these students had to run.

Those who were hit were crying and bleeding, but despite fallen they were being

continuously kicked and beaten.  Others ran leaving behind their possessions,

bags and even their footwear.


I could not make myself understand all this, but was badly shaken and shocked.

Thereafter, there was an uneasy quietness apart from the GALI GLAUCH, by

the attackers, shops closed and everything was desolated.


I continued my walk to a nearby commercial establishment of my Grandfather,

a highly prestigious citizen of Multan at that time.  Like other buildings it was

closed but, they did open it for me, when I cried and banged the doors.


The supreme sacrifices of those, who died for the country should not be

forgotten, should not be forgotten!


-BK Chaudhari

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