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Friends in America,

We commend your heroic efforts to raise the spirit of the demoralised and ignorant Americans who think Muslims are “people of peace” as declared by President Obama!

Perhaps none knows the nature of the “beast” better than the people of India who remained suppressed and crushed under the “foot of Mohammed” for centuries in their own land. Among them we can single out the SIKHS for particular savage treatment due to their brave resistance of the tyrants. A visit to any Gurdwara will be rewarding. Please ask anyone in the congregation, or the priest, to narrate those barbarities including the manner of murder of infants, the newly weds, young mothers, and the destruction of every place of worship.

When we came to 1947, the end of World War 2, when our British rulers were packing up to leave India, the separatist Muslim community immediately rose as one man to demand the break-up of India in order to establish their Islamic Pakistan. It was the moment in history when the Indian leaders disgraced themselves till eternity by collapsing before the violent, menacing and vicious Muslim minority who threatened to slaughter all who dared to oppose their diabolic idea of partition.

At the same time, in order to give force to their demand they carried out widespread massacres of Hindus, first in Noakhali district of Bengal in August 1946, and later in Rawalpindi district of Punjab in March 1947. It is suffice to say that the Indian Muslims did then what the Islamic State is doing in Syria today.

It is the tragic tale of two TEMPLES that is worth mentioning. One is the birth place of Sri Rama, the spiritual hero of Hindus revered as a god and the other is Sri Nankana Sahib, the birth place of Guru Nanak Dev, the founder of Sikh Faith. The former was destroyed by an invader from Afghanistan in 1526 AD and the latter was surrendered by India in despicable panic & haste to the “indigenous” Muslims who threatened widespread revolt and bloodshed in 1947.

How can one describe the state of sick mind of HITLER who sent six million Jews to death in gas chambers and, similarly, how can one describe the sick sate of mind of MOHAMMED whose followers have continuously waged wars against peace-loving peoples, committing horrendous barbarities especially against the captive women and girls, and the places of worship like churches, temples and synagogues?

One must ask, “What encouraged the Muslims to continue along the path of savage brutalities against the rest of mankind?”

After a second’s reflection the answer will be, “THE DEFEATED NEVER RETALIATED.” So, we have it! The Hindus simply went on taking defeat after defeat but never retaliated. In the end it was acceptable that any invader from anywhere could come to loot, burn and plunder, rape any girl or woman, and destroy even the holiest Hindu temples including the one in Ayodhya, and later, the whole world simply ignored the occupation of the place of birth of Guru Nanak Dev in 1947.

Surely it is time for retaliation in order to prevent the next Muslim onslaught on free world. The result of not doing so will be surrendering our freedoms to the barbarians who have not changed in the least from the medieval dark ages as we see them today in Islamic State (Isil).

Let the modern reincarnation of NAZIS, that is, the MOHAMMEDANS, not get away with the idea that they are invincible and the rest of the world should be at their feet- offering them their girls and women to abduct, rape and sell.

The time has come to cry out, “ANNUL PARTITION, or “squeeze” the Mohammedans out of Hindusthan, LIBERATE the Janmasthan of Sri Guru Nanak Devji and RECONSTRUCT the great historic Temple in Ayodhya without delay. Let those living today not pass on the historic challenge to the next generation.

Let us say once again, addressing all the Muslims, “How would YOU feel if Mecca was to have either a Hindu temple or a Christian church, a Jewish Synagogue or even a Sikh Gurdwara, where your Ka’aba is located?”



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