From: Satya D < >

Subject: RE: ‘I am a Muslim and here’s why I won’t apologize for #Paris Attacks’


I am sorry this is Taqiyya at best.  


The author (Kh Shaikh < >) claims he or she is from India, but conveniently forgets that:


  1. a) 350,000 Kashmir Hindus were driven away overnight with Mosques all over Kashmir blaring asking men to chose between death or fleeing the place and they even asked to keep the women.


  1. b) That in 1947 there are 25% Hindus and Sikhs and today there are 1.2% in Pakistan.   Meanwhile Muslim population grew from 7% to nearly 20% in India.


  1. c) That in 1947 there are 30% Hindus in Bangla Desh and today there are 7%.  Mosques are openly encouraging rape.


  1. d) That Gujarat only Muslims died when there are about 1000 with one third Hindus and two third Muslims and conveniently forgets the burning alive of Pilgrims.   There is no mention of all the riots before then and it is all available in Wiki.


  1. e) The Islamic gangs engaged in human trafficking in places like West Bengal where nearly 100 girls per day are targeted.


  1. f) Just read Will Durant who is most respected historian and in fact critical of his own religion and culture who speaks of Islamic atrocities from Islamic chronicles itself.  The mountains of skulls, the rivers of blood that the Delhi Sultan would not feel peaceful until he sees daily.  What ISIS is doing is nothing but continuation.



If you want more:


1) When Nazis murdered 10 million people include 6 million Jews, they were tiny fraction in Germany.  They could do this the attitudes of rest of Germany towards Jews and others.    Ask any Pew research Muslims in Europe want to implement Sharia Law in Europe.


2) There are 65 Islamic countries, not one, repeat NOT ONE gives equal rights to Non-Muslims while Muslims wants special provisions like Halal etc. in European nations.


3) The lie that terrorists’ actions are only due to response to actions to America and Europe only as we saw how they wiped out Yezidi culture and took thousands of Yezidi girls as sex slaves and they even pray before committing rape.


4)  If the America and Europe are the problem why have they committed terroristic activities in Philippines, Thailand and in fact just after 9/11 ‘Religion of Peace’ in detail documented nearly 50,000 or more terror attacks.


5) If the America and Europe is an issue, why are Islamists people kidnapping Christian girls and forcibly marrying them to Muslims.


6) Saudi Arabia does not even allow other religion to be practiced at home but would spend billions of dollars spread Wahhabi Islam around the word and even funding the many Jihadi activities.


7) Did you care to speak when Bamiyan Buddha statues blown up?


I have one simple question, ‘Do you respect other religion also as truth’?   If you accept it with honesty you are not really a Muslim, at least per your books.   Get that.


– Satya D

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