From: Rajput < >

To: xxxxxx Radio Station


Thank you for the discussion on migrants from the countries where killing and destruction are the norm, and who want to come to the well settled civilized European lands.


Our second reaction is the sad fact that, there being NO family planning, “MUSLIMS PRODUCE EXPONENTIALLY BUT EXPECT THE NON MUSLIMS TO FEED!”

It is a FACT that no Islamic country is, or can be, a secular democracy. In Islam these two concepts do not exist.

In the Muslim belief system all mankind is divided between Kafir (infidel) and Momin (Believer) and that leads to PERMANENT rift and struggle of life & death to eliminate the other side.

All Muslim countries practice, and live in, “MACHO MASCULINE” CULTURE with women subdued. This is so from the days of prophet Mohammed who himself was the Warlord and an ABSOLUTE ruler.

An average Muslim is compelled by indoctrination to hold Mohammed as his role model in every aspect of life including the shape of beard, number of wives a man can have, how to treat Jews & Christians, which food to avoid and which animal to hate, to the direction to face while praying!  Hence the drive to JEHAD, following his example.

JEHAD is the struggle to put the Muslims (Islamic way of life as practiced by the TALIBAN and the so-called Caliphate, or ISIL) on top of social hierarchy over the graveyard of civilization.

Unfortunately now in this age of Knowledge, Information Technology, world wide web, individual freedoms and women’s rights & emancipation, rigid & inflexible Islam is breaking up from within.

The  result is the endless stream of those fleeing their own Islamic regimes. That is why we find even Pakistanis joining the mass exodus in large numbers.

Out of love of Islam & fanaticism they separated from secular democratic India in 1947 but out of frustration, disappointment and despair they now wish to come to Christian West. The same goes for every other Muslim on earth- total disillusionment with their own Islamic “way of life”.

Europe must be prepared to receive tens of millions of more “gate crashers” from the Islamic lands in the centuries ahead.


Copy to

Mr xxxxxx, MEP, who spoke in the discussion this morning (8 or 9 Sep 2015).

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