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                                                               September 7, 2015

Dear Friends,


Subject: Terrorism And Religion


We have a few days back shared with you an excellent analysis on ISIS. We have today a related issue, raised by Maria Wirth.

Maria, in her last mail, circulated by us on July 22, 2015, had highlighted a suggestion that it would be a good idea to raise some “doubts” in the minds of the jihadis.

We have now a more detailed account from her on an in-depth analysis on “Has Terror A Connection With Religion?” It has been doing rounds on the net also. The details are available at (

The question, as she analyses, relates to two Abrahamic religions only, primarily because both these religions “injected the virus of supremacy” in their belief systems. On the other hand, the problem with Hindus, Sikhs, Budhhists is that they do not find any meaning in the threat by the Christians or Islamists and do not, therefore, consider this worthy of repudiation.


Maria says: “Obviously these two religions (Christianity started the trend) were not content with people worshipping a higher power by whatever name they chose. They wanted to control people and attain world dominion. And what a disaster it turned out to be for humanity! This claim “we have the full truth; God/ Allah has chosen us (Christians/ Muslims) over them (all others)” is poison for humanity.”


Her take on the Quran:

“Reading the Quran, it becomes quickly clear that Allah has hatred for unbelievers and also for hypocrites among the believers (which gives Jihadis the justification to kill also Muslims apart from kufirs). He keeps reminding the believers again and again, how they will enjoy paradise and the unbelievers will suffer in hell. He even details the torture in hell in horrific detail. All this is there in the Quran.”


She has to say the following on Christianity:

“Similarly, the Bible also claims that there won’t be any mercy for those who did not accept Christ during their one and only lifetime (the Church forbade the belief in rebirth in 553 AD). The hell for non-Christians is as bad as the hell for non-Muslims. There will be “weeping and gnashing of teeth”(Matth 13.50) – and mind you, for all eternity.”


To a petition filed by the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC), to which Saudi Arabia has also joined in July, 2015, Maria suggests: “Before this hopefully never succeeds, countries like India, China, Japan, Thailand, Myanmar and others should petition the United Nations to ban untrue claims about the afterlife of their non-Muslim and non-Christian citizens, as it breeds contempt and hatred for them.”


Maria strongly believes:


“The true core of all religions needs to be strengthened. This core is common to all and beneficial. It is the claim that there is a great invisible power behind this visible universe. This true core was known since ages and is explained in the Indian tradition in its purest form. It is not an invention by Christianity and Islam. In fact, these two religions can learn from Hindu Dharma how many different ways of expressing one’s faith can live peacefully side by side. Hindu Dharma doesn’t tie its followers into a rigid belief system, but helps them become free by realizing the truth in oneself.”


So, Friends, it would be correct to refute the statement that terror is terror and that terror has no religion. There is no shying away from the fact the kind of terror, now on show, so to say, by the AL Qaeda and its successor groups like ISIS, Boko Haram et al, do have a religion. They follow, as Maria says, “Islamism. Without, however, offending the followers of Islam, it will be reasonable to raise the question: does not this amount to sugar quoting?

May be, this also needs debating at the appropriate level and all across the globe. Although it needs no re-iteration, we the members of the majority community (at least till now) are neither against the Christians nor against the Muslims.

Skanda987’s comment: Our Vedic dharma as is provided in the Vedas and its summary Bhagavad Gita does not tell humans to tolerate intolerant religions or ideologies.  Tolerating intolerants is encouraging intolerance.  Therfore, we need to live per dharma correctly, and that will also solve many other problems like corruption, dowry, caste by birth, the concept that one verna is higher than any other Vernna, untouchability, etc.  — Jai sri Krishna! -sv

We would be happy to know what is your take on Maria’s theme.



                               Your sevak,

                                    D.C. Nath

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