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Subject: BJP is Brazenly Cultivating Muslims

July 20, 2015

Dear Friends,

We have just shared with you the excellent review of the Urdu Press by the India Policy Foundation, exposing their mischief potential.

We have, on the other hand, the case of the ruling BJP party blandly cultivating the Muslim community through, if we may say, “misuse” of Urdu. Let us in this connection read together a news report, appearing in p.2 of “The Asian Age” of July 16, 2015:

Quote (.)

BJP to reach out to Muslims with Urdu booklets

Jul 16, 2015 – Amita Verma | Lucknow-The Asian Age

In a new initiative to reach out to Muslims on the eve of the Assembly elections in Bihar, West Bengal and then UP, the BJP has decided to publish the achievements of the Modi government in Urdu. Pamphlets, booklets and even posters will be published in Urdu to dilute the party’s anti-Muslim image and also to reach out to Muslim voters.

UP BJP minority cell president Rumana Siddiqui confirmed that Urdu literature about the government’s achievements will soon be made available to the UP BJP office for distribution.

“So far, all party literature used to be published in Hindi, and at times, in English, but now we are publishing in Urdu too so that the Muslim voters can read it themselves and assess the performance of the Modi government,” a party functionary said.

The party, however, denies that this is a strategy to woo Muslims ahead of the UP Assembly elections.

“This is not being done for UP alone. These pamphlets and booklets will be distributed in Muslim- populated areas even in states that are not going to elections in the next two years. The BJP is a national party with a sizeable membership and every citizen in the country should know what the government is doing, irrespective of the fact whether he is our voter or not,” the functionary said.

BJP national vice-president Dinesh Sharma said that the party was against the appeasement of Muslims but was certainly not against the Muslim community. “This is not an exercise to seek votes. Everybody has the right to know about the achievements of the government. Muslims will get the message in a right way if it is given in Urdu,” he said and added that pamphlets highlighting the performance of the Modi government in the past one year may also be published in other regional languages soon.

Unquote (.)

Friends, there is no reason to disbelieve the press report, especially when there has been no contradiction published. We have read the report several times. The more we read, the greater was the sense of revulsion overtaking us. A Hindu nationalist party, now ruling the country, can stoop so low and then publicize that. A lot more effective work is done without bringing the same in the public domain.

It beats us hollow to understand why this planned program to impress upon this particular minority community the achievements of the government. If the intention is to secure Muslim votes in the forthcoming Bihar State elections, the BJP leaders do not seem to have learnt their lessons. The fiasco enacted in the last Kashmir elections has apparently fallen flat on them. A Hindu nationalist party can Never, Never win over the Muslims. Is this so difficult to understand what ordinary apolitical citizen easily understands?

Can the BJP leaders answer why they are not doing the same work in respect of the poor tribals in various parts of India? If they take their support, vote in political terms, they would be sadly mistaken. The majority Hindu community is, as it is, splintered, but they will not take this blatant courtship of only one minority community kindly. So, the party should be prepared for sharp backlash.

Well, we are not into politics, which is, by and large, a “No Go” area for us. Political skill is not our forte. We felt concerned because many other more deserving communities needed equal attention in the matter of educating them in political matters.

Friends, you will find we have endorsed this mail to the concerned for whatever worth it is to them. They ought not to take the general public for granted. Some amongst you would recall we had strongly protested against the Minister for Minority Affairs going on tax payers’ money on a virtual “Bharat Darshan” trip in the name of removing alleged existence of apprehension in the minds of the Muslim community that the government was not doing enough for them, which is farthest from truth.

Now, it seems to be a combined effort of the party and the government to woo the Muslims. The majority community must think over and plan how to effectively protest against such “conspiracy”. This CAN NOT be accepted in silence.


Your sevak,

  1. C. Nath

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