From: Kumar Arun < >

Dear PM of Bharat /Narendra bhai,


You didn’t earn the chair of prime minister rather people bestowed upon you. Not all Indians wanted you to reach where you are today. It was poor villagers of India & downtrodden Hindus who trusted you and let you win. Neither your mentors: ABV or LKA nor BJP members cared much. If you have been thanking many of them. I am sorry you are completely mistaken. Don’t you know who actually saved your pride and allowed you to go where you are today?

On the foreign policies, your friendship with one of the weakest & confused president of USA, Barack Hussain Obama is very much damaging for the transformation of India into Bharat. You know that but you are looking something from Obama and that majority of your voters in India can’t figure it out. The fact is coming out by your deeds. Although we have patience and will see what happens in your 2nd year term. However, unless & until you fulfill your promises (highlighted below) to majority of “Hindu Voters”, most likely you will not succeed. Indeed, westerns may bestow you a Nobel Prize but Hindus will offer tears only.

Before May 18, 2016, Modi government must do/implement/execute followings:

  1. Must investigate all corrupt politicians from all political parties. Any one found guilty of breaking laws of the land, especially doing unconstitutional, must be indicted and punished by law.
  1. Must investigate powerful non-politicians, ex: Priyanka & Robert Vadra and others for wrong doings. I for one would like to know under which law he was given free pass on all the airports in India.
  1.     Appoint 21 members committee of true scholars to rewrite “constitution of Bharat” and must replace Indian Penal Code (IPC) which was jammed in the throat of Hindus by the British occupiers.

Dr. Kumar Arun

July 17, 2015


From: R Singh < >

Arun ji,

Thanks for this appropriate letter to PM.

If on the 16 May 2014 the PM and People stood on one spot and moved from there, today the divergence has gone beyond 100 degrees.

People are watching something in utter disbelief. They had expected:-

the Hindu refugees back to Srinagar;

Construction work to begin in Ayodhya;

Article 370 deleted from the Constitution;

Jammu and Ladakh to be made States (away from “cancerous” Muslim Kashmir);

Memorials to be put up for the Hindu DEAD during that bogus Partition;

Work was to begin on the new Constitution of Hindusthan (replacing Nehru’s pseudo-secular “mongrel dog” of a document!);

Corruption cases were to begin against all those whose name was tarnished by scams, commissions, bribes and land grab; and son on.

But it is the “SILENCE OF THE DEAD” on all fronts now! The bust of Gandhi in the PM’s office makes appeasement of Muslims and cowardice the State policy instead of Hindu “Shakti”!

People are speechless due to embarrassment. They still have immense respect for Modi and are silent. On the other hand Sonia & Crooks have lost all respect and people abuse them openly.

But whether it is a saint or those thieves (thugs), our Hindusthan is not getting on the right lines and is going wayward. That is where the danger lies.

If the defeated Hindu nation does not muster guts and show boldness & courage, second Partition of India will become inevitable. Already we have seen the unthinkable- slaughtering a cow laid on Tricolour (national flag) drenched in blood!

Last time when our leaders just winked, the country was disemboweled and lost five provinces in an instant. Nehru, the Crook, did everything in his power to FOOL the nation into believing in NORMALCY while in reality, and strategically speaking, the balance of power on the sub-continent had been shattered to the advantage of the enemy who now calls the shots, having the atom bombs and all the volition & motivation, like the suicide bombers, to DROP them, hoping for the rewards in paradise!

People in ivory towers go deaf. And here is the proof! But whenever that happens a new revolution is born.

Best wishes


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