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Why Is the VP of the Partitioned India a Muslim?
Kindly note that the post of Vice President ought not to go to a MOHAMMEDAN. Here is the reason:
Before India was mutilated in order to take out a pure ISLAMIC Pakistan our Congress leaders submitted many pleas and requests of compromises in order to PREVENT the “murder” of Akhand Bharat.
One of these subservient proposals was Gandhi’s suggestion to Mr Jinnah, “Brother, to satisfy you, the post of President will alternate between you and NEHRU, and also the post of Vice President will go to a “Mohammed” if the President happens to be an Infidel in your eyes.”
But the hot headed bigoted Muslim barrister refused Gandhi’s appeasing pleas point blank, and captured one third of India to create his Pakistan.
Our stalwarts, Gandhi and Nehru, did not have guts to say to Jinnah, “If you want Pakistan then (a) ALL MUSLIMS WILL BE “FORCED OUT” TO PAKISTAN; and failing that (b) “In Pakistan if the President is a Muslim then the Vice President must be a Hindu in view of tens of millions of Hindus living there!”
But Jinnah replied in the same stern and arrogant tone, “NO! We shall have Muslims in BOTH high posts in our Pakistan (East and West) while YOU in your Hindu Bharat will have a Muslim, either as President or as Vice President.”
Our top leaders, representing the MAJORITY community, sheepishly agreed. Since then we have had MOHAMMEDANS as Presidents and Vice Presidents, while in Pakistan such brotherly gestures are out of question.
Therefore, today a Muslim, Mr Mohammad Hamid Ansari, is Partitioned India’s (Bharat’s) Vice President due to Hindu national collapse and due to lack of our collective guts and courage. It is wrong.
If the Muslims stabbed us in the back, we need not lift one above our heads!
Nations live by HONOUR.
This VP post, under a Muslim, was acceptable to Gandhi who declared, “Hindus are cowards!” but it is not so in the proud and self-confident Hindu nation under Shri Modi today in 2015.  Today’s Hindus are still searching for a single condition imposed on Jinnah for the surrender of one third of Akhand Bharat in 1947, and they cannot find it.
PS:  A new Constitution for our proud and sovereign Hindusthan is of utmost necessity. It will remove the traces of appeasement, slavery, fears and compromises on the part of the majority community.

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