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Global Hindus’ Demand: Replace Indian Constitution with Hindusthan Samvidhan


Each & every country breaths, lives and grows under its constitution. When India aka Bharat acquired its freedom from British occupation in 1947, the constitution was written in hurry, under duress and by the advice of the occupants who were actually party in dividing one country into two. Second one was proudly named Pakistan ONLY for Muslims. In this process, majority Hindus, even after massacre of poor & innocent millions, could not retain the name of their country Hindusthan. The whole world knows that from foothills of Himalaya to Hindi Mahasagar, the land was for Hindus and our forefathers always identified themselves as Hindusthani. The life of the Hindus was enriched under one simple principle, and that was “world brotherhood,” which can be called Hindu Way of Life, or Vedic way of living.


Since Gandhi-Nehru-Ambedkar (Congress Party) adopted constitution on the day of independence in 1947, it is known as Indian constitution, due to which majority of Hindus have been suffering every day.  Eventually, it took 67 years for Hindus to choose a government, and now they are demanding to change, rather replace, the Indian constitution with “Hindusthani Samvidhan.”


This was a part of manifesto lead by current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Therefore, we Hindus across the world must keep demanding from Modiji to fulfill his words/promises which are as follows (some words are added or the idea expanded by a few patriots:


  1. Please bring a legislation to change the rename of the country to Hindusthan; remove India word
  2. Appoint a 21 member committee to rewrite the constitution for Hindusthan (2-3 pro-Vedic lawyers can draft amendments too, and then submit it to the committee if a committee is required
  3. Since Modiji enjoys majority in Lok-Sabha, please let him pass the new Hindusthani Constitution by year 2016 end.
  4. HindusthaniSamvidhan will be based on the Vedic philosophy and culture, and no part of sharia laws & catholicembedment, or any anti-Vedic religion or ideologyembedment
    • Marriage between man & woman only; only one spouse by law; freedom to practice any religion that is not anti-Vedic
    • No subsidiary, No reservation based upon caste, creed, ethnicity, color or race
    • To uplift poor, government approved bank loan, but “repay as you earn”, etc.
  5. No one with less than 4 years of college education from a pro-Vedic university with reasonably good standard of education ** can be allowed to seek political post regardless of minority or majority class

** The universities like JNU needs to be closed or re-named (like e.g. S C Bose Univ.,) and he faculty needs to be replaced with pro-Vedics.


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