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India’s Media Anti-Vedic Media


This notion of “Sense of justice, equality and fair play of developed societies is substantially and reasonably stronger as a nation” is more a perception created by the British to rule their colonies and couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course, this notion has been propagated by the BBC (which is not at all an independent news broadcasting company, but a mouthpiece for British propaganda & interests) in modern times.


Talking about fair play & justice, there has been a constant war between the majority Protestants and the minority Catholics in Britain for several generations now. What concrete measures has England taken to provide justice to their own minorities, working class/ruling class bias, racial bias, etc.? The answer is none whatsoever. However their media has done a grand job, pretending everything is hunky-dory and brushing it all under the carpet. Same goes for USA. What measures has it taken to provide justice to the blacks all these years and the tiny Native American population, which has been totally marginalized and isolated from the mainstream? Again, the answer is basically none.


Now take the case of India. Much has been publicized about its caste system, but there have never been wars between castes; unlike Sunni – Shia & Protestant – Catholic wars, nor were the lower castes treated as the black slaves of USA, nor has the population of lower castes diminished in any way. That of course doesn’t mean that the lower castes were given equal treatment, or were not abused; but the point is, they were still miles better off than their counterparts in the so-called developed countries to begin with. In spite of that, I feel India has done far more than any other country to right its own wrong. So much so, that communities of people now want to become lower caste, for the benefits that the country provides to them. So the point is, that the social stigma of being lower caste has greatly diminished, or is indeed far less than the discomfort of not being well-off. Surely, this is a huge achievement by India and indeed for the entire Hindu community which had the courage & conviction to accept the injustices done internally and do something about it. However, I feel it’s also time to say goodbye to the reservations policy, as it has served its useful purpose, but continuing it will and probably already has started backfiring; as is the case in Tamil Nadu, where I’ve heard from several people that living conditions have become very difficult for the upper castes. So much so, that the Brahmins now hide their names, so as not to get singled out for treatment. Mr. Ankur made a good point about if our ancestors have committed some crime should we prosecute you for it? That is more valid in the context of the caste system today. Is it fair for today’s Brahmins to be punished today or their children denied admissions/jobs/promotions today?


But will the Indian media stop blabbering about the caste system. Sadly not, since it is not aligned at heart with the Indian nation, unlike the BBC is for England’s majority. The Indian media is least bothered that the Christian missionaries and developed nations have long used the caste system as a tool to proselytize Hindus and show India in bad light, and as a bad society. Continuing with its one-sided coverage, the Indian media has never cared about the problem caused by the proselytizing efforts; both direct & indirect of the Christian missionaries, but made a great hue & cry about ‘Ghar Vaapsi’. As pointed out by several people in this forum, the Indian media was totally silent when Hindus were terrorized by the local majority Muslims, into leaving their homes in Kashmir in 1989. As also pointed, it hasn’t uttered a word about the genocide of Hindus in Pakistan & Bangladesh and the huge destruction of Hindu temples like Dhakeshwari, etc.; but goes into overdrive if any casualties happen to be Muslims in India.


If this is not enough, the Indian media TV channels try to create sympathy for any anti-Hindu or Hindu dividing & hating organizations by spreading misinformation; as is the case with the Periyar Ambedkar society, which would have surely have been side-lined & banned in any developed country if it was against their majority; certainly in the so-called fair-playing majority of England…Please, we all know how fair playing they are.


Cheers & Take it Easy. Karma will catch up with the British too (By the way, the queen of England, never really apologized for the Jalianwallah massacre when she visited India, or indeed several other massacres, which Indian history books don’t even refer to).


(Solution: The pro-Vedic, patriotic and rich Vedics need to take over (byy-off) the Bhaarat’s media. The Vedic public also can do large scape protests in big cities.  – Skanda 987)



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