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Subject: Subhash Chandra Bose

Thank you Shri Chelvapila,

Your feelings too were so spontaneous one can appreciate! He was a leader of different mettle; an example setter and a military Leader! Which Indian has made such history, or any other with such cause? Even Washington had a home base, and Netaji not even trained as a military man! Here the tenacity and patriotism of the Indian peasant irrespective of his religion, the backbone of British Indian Army, is the only glowing example left that we have to emulate in turbulent times of today! The fault lines are looking in the face dangerously by each day by each shuddering   example!

Thank you also for the details you sent which I am sure most will not know! I had immediately after my retirement in 93 made a visit to his house and met  Shri Sishir Bose who  gave me photographic material which we have used for rural school children just excited about Netaji but have no exposure  on him! Because his image has been muffled for fear of eclipsing the material we have today branded Neta.   Imagine this nation has remained insensitive and so indifferent to slight  that his mystery amounts to  and we did not budge to  get at the bottom of his disappearance  except for kangaroo inquires, even digesting rumors of his becoming a  sadhu  which many believe! The plea taken to keep his files inaccessible under provisions of Official Secrets act is itself explosive!!

In still denying people, access to information directly related to their very struggle against an enemy to unshackle their colonial stranglehold and step into freedom.  That this information which is specifically about the Leader spearheading this struggle, was a state secret when and if held by the enemy is undisputable. That this ceases to be secret but a life-force historical documentation of national value the moment people stepped into freedom and became custodians of their own heritage is also undisputable and cannot be contested.

What are we implying therefore by appointing a committee of minsters as is being done to examine the propriety of this, is that we are still under Imperial watch and constraints!!  When instead we must question why this history has not, after 15th Aug 47, already become part of learning curriculum as reminder to generations about Netaji’s unique contribution unparalleled in our annals. We smack of total destitution in self pride no matter how much we race for frills of materialism! Would his files upset the apple cart!

With best wishes


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Subject: Netaji

Dear Sri Maj. Gen. Chauhan,

Your account of Netaji is very moving. Though there was no personal  contact, tears came to my eyes too when I read an account published long time back about Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, then ambassador to USSR was taken to see Netaji in prison. It was so arranged Netaji would not be aware of Radhakrishnan’s visit and observation. Radhakrishnan filed his report to Nehru.  To think that a hero who sacrificed everything, and a brilliant pragmatic intellectual who passed his ICS examination with distinction unlike Nehrus, been seen imprisoned, we do not know what condition he was in at the time,  created a scene in mind bringing tears to eyes. There was no mention of how Radhakrishnan felt. Adding to tragedy are revelations that are coming out but hinted at several times in the past as well about Nehru’s indifference to Netaji’s fate, may be culpability too in cahoot with Stalin. The letter he wrote to British PM Attlee to do needful to a war criminal in custody of ally of British, Stalin does not lead to any other impression than Nehru’s wish not to have Netaji come out alive.

CIA declassified papers of that era by OSA, its predecessor, relating to Netaji. They can be obtained by any one requesting them for a small fee. In one of the papers there was a copy of a letter from American consul in Bombay inquiring about possible effect of Netaji’s return to India on Nehru’s government. There were also some papers about information fed by Communists spying on movements of Netaji.  Decades back these papers were collected and sent to Samar Guha MP.

With all suspicions raised then and now as well as to what really happened to Netaji, needless to say will be of great historical importance that will give us proper perspective perhaps to correct the course of future instead of still laboring under false impression of winning freedom non-violently, by getting rid of myths around Nehrus and Gandhis perhaps woven deliberately to cover up their Himalayan blunders which included conceding partition.

Enclosed also is a brief account of that brilliant personality, Subhash Chandra Bose  who had clear vision about how to win freedom as well as clairvoyant mind about himself. Had he been leading the nation at the formative stage soon after independence was granted along with parting kick of partition, history would have been entirely different for the good of the country.

Best wishes,                                                                                                                                                                                                   G V Chelvapilla


Things Most Indians Don’t Know About Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose


Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s slogan of “You give me blood, I’ll give you Freedom” ignited the fire of patriotism in the hearts of many Indians during the struggle for independence. Even today these words don’t fail to inspire and move. The man who coined these words was a true patriot and a man of principle who did all he could to bring independence to India. Here are 7 things worth knowing about this great man that are hardly known to most Indians, including the patriots:

  1. He Was a Brilliant Student and Highly Patriotic Since Childhood:

Bose was born into a large family in Orissa. From childhood he was a brilliant child and who did very well in studies. He was also a fierce patriot right from his early days. He came in 2nd in his matriculation exams in 1913. He completed his B.A. in Philosophy with a First Class score in 1918. His patriotism had come to fore when he was expelled from Presidency College for assaulting Professor Oaten for his anti-India comments.

1920 Subhash Chandra Bose as student

  1. He Came 4th in ICS Exams:

After completing his graduation he went to England to appear in the Indian Civil Services exams to fulfill the promise he had made to his father. As expected he performed brilliantly and came in 4th on the merit list. This however did not please him much as he didn’t want to work for the government that he had grown to hate. The Jalianwalla Bagh massacre had left a mark on his memory and in 1921 he resigned from ICS while still undergoing his internship.


From: Sainiksangh < >



Here is my reaction to Maroof Raza’s talk on Indo Pak relations sometime back I forget the link but would be available on U tube. I think Amit referred this me. The snippet below prompted me to add and I also see a lot between the lines that converges to the situation today why Netaji’s files still remain of top secret!  There were a number of INA survivors  in villages around my home town and during one of the ex-soldiers meet I met one in 90s  I think who was still so clear in his fond memory of that leader  that tears came to my eyes  when my thought flashed to what we have  today!!



From: Sainiksangh < >



One is not surprised at this delusory snippet spreading disinformation off the cuff taking the uninformed reader into a Bollywood style scene. Wars are not won by such momentary theatrics by Staff officers who are nowhere on ground. Not that Lt Gen Jacob did not say all that is attributed to him   the fact is this was a closing act before curtains came down. Dacca was already ‘invested’ Pak had lost the war and it was a matter of time that advancing columns closed in. How could Niazi hold on even with 30000 troops locked in 5000 kms away from western wing no air no naval cover? Credit goes to only one field commander who bounced the Meghna in lightening move and overran Pak defenses based on this taking the rest by surprise. Then it was a clear run.  Lt Gen Sagat Singh who comes out as the only general apart from Sam Manekshaw recognised for his Generalship that Indian Army ever produced so far! This is from professional study on Generalship initiated by USI.

Lt Gen Jacob was more of a ‘political’ General like Gen VK Singh hoisted by BJP which he exploited to the fullest at great advantage to Israel, he a dedicated Jew who finally settled   there after distinguished service to that country!  Indians excel in serving others and still pretend we are running a nation (why there is diffidence in exposing Netaji files!).  During his post retirement period he was a governor but also shuttling between Israel and India fixing arms deals.  Thousands of crores worth ordnance was purchased in panic after Kargil and dumped which came as blessing for their arms industries .Here is the secret why a country which can send a probe to moon cannot after 7 decades even make a rifle that will sell when Pashtun tribesman can challenge the industrial Kalashnikov with homemade version; not hard to understand. Indians love to be middlemen, paymaster beneficiaries which helps to run our money market democracy and black money regime whichever the government or party. We were never used to running a country never did where the need now! Easy to buy collect gratitude or invite substitutes after declaring our capability useless a fine handle by moles. When lawyer Jetly was RM his open statement that HAL and other public sector outfits are useless must be closed down was tantamount to subversion.  Strategic assets and establishments must never be privatized if we mean business but made accountable private expertise made subordinated support.

Apparently Fauji magazine which is a Maroof Raza enterprise has chosen to comment selectively and smartly to insert a political rather than professional interjection. Having gone through a video by Raza on Indo Pak  issue one amazed at  the level of political penetration in all walks of life making one so  dull  that ready to applaud at anything that comes ones way .    Here is a Jewish inspired ‘fauji.’


maj gen chauhan


From: Fauji Magazine


Fd Marshal Manekshaw’s stature cannot be denied as India’s biggest military leader…. but the real credit to swift victory in 1971 war goes to Lt Gen JFR Jacob who was chief of staff Eastern Command. Though it is difficult to believe how and why… read how…


The historic Last Minutes that led to surrender on December 16, 1971 in Dhaka


Niazi had told Jacob that he had 30,000 troops in Dacca, whereas the Indian forces outside Dacca numbered a mere 3000.

Jacob informed Niazi that he could not give Pakis any better terms, than what was given in the draft surrender document.

If they surrendered, Jacob said, he would ensure the protection of armed forces, paramilitary and ethnic minorities, as well as Pakistani civilians.

However, if Niazi declined, then Jacob obviously could not guarantee their safety. Jacob further informed then that if the terms of the surrender were not accepted, then he would have no option but to order the resumption of hostilities.

Jacob then said that he would give Niazi and his men thirty minutes to consider and walked out.

Jacob returned after thirty minutes and asked Niazi whether he accepted the document. Niazi did not answer and had tears in his eyes.

Jacob asked him three times if he accepted the terms of surrender, there wasn’t any answer.

There was dead silence all around. Jacob then picked up the document, held it high and said, “I TAKE IT AS ACCEPTED.”

Jacob then informed Niazi that he would have to surrender in public, in front of the people of Dacca in the Race Course.

In addition, Niazi would have to provide an Honor Guard.

About 1630 hrs. The entourage of the Army Commander landed in Dacca and proceeded to the Ramna Race Course, inspecting the Honor Guard and thereafter signing the Instrument of Surrender.

Subsequently, around 93,000 Pakistani troops and officials were taken as prisoners-of-war by the Indian Army, the largest number of POWs since World War II. They were later repatriated in 1973 under the terms of the Delhi Agreement.

On 4 Apr 2015 02:18, “Kumar Arun” < > wrote:

Long live “The Legend-Manekshaw” of Indian Military!

My salute on behalf of all Bharatiya who love him but can’t write or their voice gets feeble in this noisy selfish world.

Dr. Kumar Arun

India Heritage Foundation

Michigan (USA)

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