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Akhtar has got the facts twisted.  Kashmir valley has become Hindu free because of the massacre and ethnic cleansing of Hindus.  4 lac Hindus are refugees in their own country. Whether Raut or Sena has done any such ethnic cleansing of Muslims? Why despite being a minority, why a Muslim is always the chief Minister OF JAMMU AND KASHMIR?  Are Hindus disposable garbage?

At the time of partition, the Hindu population in Pakistan was around 18% and now it is less than 1%. Genocide. Have Hindus engineered any genocide against Muslims in India?

At the time of partition, the Hindu population in Bangladesh was around 33% and now it is less than 6%. Genocide and ethnic cleansing.  Bangla Human Rights commission had accepted that 35 million Hindus could not be accounted for.

Have Hindus done anything to Muslims in India of this sort?

The Muslim population in India has grown from 4 crores at the time of partition to the present level of 24 crores. What this indicates?

Not a single BJP candidate was elected from Kashmir valley.

But Akhtar bemoans not many Muslims are in the cabinet. BJP gets only a few Muslim MPs elected and how can they accommodate many Muslims? BJP’s cabinet – many communities are unrepresented. Many states have no member in the BJP cabinet. Because, we cannot have a 1000 member Ministry.

Commercials.  It is Sharuk Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Saif Ali who hogs the main space in TV commercials.  Added to this, Mrs. Saif Ali.

And because Muslims don’t want the women to come out of Burqa, we cannot find many women from Muslim community in the advertisement.  Who is to blame?  Similarly, Muslims are reluctant to send their women for office work, higher education etc. Who is to blame?

Raut is correct.  South Indians were attacked by Shiv Sena because they felt that South Indians are taking the jobs at the cost of Marathis. The same Sena recently attacked North Indians for replacing Marathis in every sphere of activity.

Where is the question of Muslims alone getting discriminated?

Abdul Kalam, Premji, Zakir Hussain, Ansari, Fakruddin Ali Ahamed, Ahmed Patel, Omar, Farook, Dilip Kumar, Saira BANU, Javed Akhtar, Shabna Azmi, Azaruddin, Pataudi Mansur Ali Khan, Zakir Khan, Shami, the list is endless – they are not Hindus.

India has the largest number of Muslim MLAs, MPs, Ministers, Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, Vice-chancellors, Bank Chairmen, Chief Justices, Election commissioners – you name any job -you will find persons from Muslim community.  In Bangladesh, the maximum a Hindu can expect is a clerical job in government.  And in Pakistan, even that cannot happen.

There books have come on the genocide of Hindus in Bangladesh.  The latest is by Richard Benkins.

Muslims treat the minorities badly.  But want the best treatment from the majority when they are in minority. What a stupid approach. And Prithipal Singh of the Alberta University Canada said THAT MUSLIMS WILL ALWAYS ACT AS AN OPPRESSIVE MAJORITY AND A TURBULENT MINORITY.

When in the 80s, while working in Bombay, I read an article in a business weekly that 126 professions and trades, are controlled by Muslims only and they will not allow anybody to enter their domain. So much for appeasement.

The Bollywood industry is controlled by the Khans, Alis, Akhtars etc. – disproportionate to the population of Muslims.  Akhtar is silent on this.

And Shabna Azmi told about her not getting the housing she desired, there was torrent of information to the effect that it was for her 4th house. Let us not play politics in trivialities.

We had Muslim cricket captains – Mansur Ali Khan and Azaruddin etc. When Azharuddin was questioned on match-fixing, he immediately cried that he is being fixed because HE IS a Muslim.  So much patriotism.  Pakistan and Bangladesh have a cricket team with 11 members of Hindu cricketers. What an appeasement!

Zaveri Bazar, Bhendi Bazar and so many places, Muslim traders have a very strong presence.  In fact, Muslims, even if they are educated, prefer trading and other activities.  They do not prefer a 10 to 5 office job.  Since they have many children, even if the father earns rupees 50,000 a month, it has to be shared between 8 to 10 members.  So they are unable to raise their standard of living.  Who is to blame?

We have more mosques than the whole of Middle East put together.  Another appeasement policy.

800 Valmikis were forced to convert to Islam, because, if they fail to covert, their houses will be razed down. This happened in UP as per newspaper report. You can cross check it for authentication.

And Akhtar says, Muslims are in very bad position. Why add the numbers with conversion.  You are causing agony to the converted members also.

Akhtar must think – why Huntington said that Muslims can never co-exist with other religionists?  Why Will Durant said that the greatest genocide on earth was the killing of 100 million Hindus by the marauding Moguls during their rule over India for 800 years. Appeasement. Why Ambedkar told Gandhi to send back all Muslims to Pakistan after partition, since he felt that Muslims can never co-exist with Hindus.

Why Rajendra Prasad said that if Muslims are not sent back, they should be disenfranchised.

Why in the name of Khilafat movement, Muslims slaughtered more than 2000 Malayali’s in Kerala?  Appeasement?

Why Muslims burnt alive, a compartment load of women and children in Godhra?  Appeasement.

Why Muslims never talk about the fact that 259 Hindus were killed in Gujarat riots? Appeasement.

Why Teesta and other Muslims ran to America to deny visa to Modi, knowing well that Christians have slaughtered millions of Muslims in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Afghan etc.

Akhtar must know that India is the only country in the world where Muslims are enjoying uninterrupted democracy.

What rights Hindus have, as minority, in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi, Iran, Iraq, Kashmir valley etc, regarding religion, education, politics etc.

Muslims have religious based reservation in their own institutions – 100% and apart from this, they enjoy OBC status to get into State and Central government.

Akhtar must read the MAJORITY REPORT, by Ohri retired IPS.  He has clearly proved with facts and figures that Muslims are way ahead of Hindus in many parameters.

When 62% of Indians live in 20 rupees a day, when 60% of the Indians answer the calls in open sky, when 60% of Indian womenfolk have no access to sanitary napkins, where is the question of Muslim poverty or Muslim appeasement?

Will Akhtar tell, why not a single Muslim has emigrated to Pakistan or Bangladesh?

India is the only country in the world – which welcomed the Parsis, Christians, Muslims, Jews etc., with open heart and love and affection.  Recently one Parsee gentleman told a reporter that Muslims and Christians are making the mistake of doing conversion and not joining the mainstream.  Israel Parliament’s first resolution was THANKING HINDUS AND INDIA. THE RESOLUTION SAID THAT INDIA IS THE ONLY PLACE IN THE WORLD, WHERE JEWS WERE NOT PERSECUTED.

Nobody should bite the hand that feeds.

Of course, what can we expect from the people who say, kill the kafir, kill the kafir, 5 times a day.

Akhtar and TOI are doing disservice to India.  Instead of working for amity between religions, they are creating fissure which is very bad for the democracy. YOU MUST WORK FOR THE PRINCIPLE ALL ARE INDIANS FIRST AND INDIANS LAST.

I am also, attaching two articles which should be an eye-opener to Akhtar and TOI

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely

N Mohan

Time to Hold India’s Media Legally Accountable

Brannon Parker

17 April 2015

This is an excerpt from one of my books titled, ‘Orissa in the Crossfire – Kandhamal Burning.’

This is the same book that the Indian Parliamentarian and Congress Party leader Digvijaya Singh demanded be banned for allegedly being a cause of community strife.

However that be, the fact that there is a direct correlation between violent mayhem and the media’s actions has been established repeatedly. I therefore call for India’s media to be held accountable for its many crimes against society.

This can be done by using the Indian court system based upon the precedent of setting convictions conducted by the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal’s Rwandan Media Trial.  The trial was known as the Rwandan Media Case.

These precedent-setting convictions have established the standard regarding those that abuse the power of the media and disturb and disrupt civil society.

India’s mainstream media has long been at the forefront of sowing seeds of mayhem and chaos across the nation.

Rather than my writings, it is the Indian media which is blatantly setting Indian society against itself. Thus such publications and journalists must be held accountable and convicted for their crimes.

The fact is anyone who reads ‘Orissa in the Crossfire’ will see that I did not pit one group against another nor did I condemn any religion or ethnic group. But I did expose many crimes, criminals, mass corruption and the many conspiracies, groups and personalities that are actively engaged in a brutal campaign against India.

Recently, India’s Minister of External Affairs VK Singh characterized the mainstream media as Prostitutes, who ignored his major international humanitarian rescue mission in Yemen. Yet this same Press attempted to accuse him of damaging the morale of the Indian Army.

The basis of this bizarre claim?

The Minister had attended a Pakistan Day celebration at the Pakistani Embassy. Despite this being an annual event that the Indian Government has often attended, the media created an artificial scandal aimed at damaging the morale of India’s armed forces. This is pure sedition. It is high time the Indian judicial system tackled this destabilizing force that is traumatizing the country.

Perhaps the precedent-setting UN Rwandan Media Case has applicability within the Indian court system as well. The following excerpts are from the chapter entitled ‘A Medium for Chaos.’

Obfuscation: ‘To totally obscure with non-germane information in a verbose manner, with the intent to provide a non-answer, and provide total befuddlement.’

This perfectly illustrates the modus operandi of the Indian media.

India’s media is in a league of its own. It presents itself as beholden to none. It claims itself to be the voice of reason, the conscience of the system and guardian of the public weal. Though this ideal is at the basis of a responsible media, India’s media is infamously and obviously far removed from such a role. The pattern and record speaks for itself. A graphic example would be the anti-Bihari riots in Assam. A false story detailing a Bihari’s rape of an Assamese girl led to a public response leading to much violence, injury, destruction and death.

Despite the media’s role in initiating the mayhem, the obvious disconnect between the law, social welfare concerns, the people and the media, no action nor resolution was taken.

The powers that be, behind the media, continued as before untouched by the law and uncaring towards the plight of a victimized people.

The media is clearly being used as a weapon against the RSS and affiliated Hindu organizations.  Rather than being the fourth estate of civil society, India’s media is more like a bludgeon.

It decides what is relevant to its pre-scripted scenarios and cherry picks information to fit into its preordained scripts.

This propaganda is then disseminated and imposed upon the public and the designed perceptions popularized as fact.

India’s media has long abandoned its responsibility as a medium for information, events and facts. In a manipulative process, the Indian media trivializes the profound and sensationalizes the profane.

On a recent research visit to Govardhan in Uttar Pradesh on the last day of the Hindu holy month of Kartik, a full moon was in the sky. Thousands upon thousands of pilgrims were circumambulating the sacred Govardhan hill. In an endless march beginning from the predawn hours until late evening, thousands of Hindu pilgrims circled the sacred mount. In a massive display of the living and ancient Indian culture, people of all ages, including entire families walked bedecked in colorful clothes. The excitement was tangible. Such a massive event inspired no mention in the media.

For the media, it was a non-event. Coming from the same media that highlights every minor gathering of Leftist politicians and religious minority groups, such bias by the media is intentional.

By constantly disenfranchising the Hindus, distorting their words and denigrating their efforts, the media is the primary cause of social chaos and political mayhem. The same media that projects itself as a voice of concern provides the rationale for oppression.

In America this same method was applied against the great American Indian leaders of the 1800s who struggled to defend their culture, people and lands. In every case, without fail, it was the media which provided the sensational and gruesome tales of massacres of ‘innocent white women and children at the hands of the Red Savages’.

The media-induced frenzy and uproar that followed led to organized lynch mobs and groups of US soldiers bent on murder.

American Indian tribes were ruthlessly massacred, ethnically cleansed and imprisoned by the thousands. As the brutal aggression continued, the media provided the rationale within a context of law and order. By completely ignoring the injustices, the brutal acts of violence, rapes, murders and loss of land and water rights that instigated the trouble, the media distorted the historical underpinnings involved.

With a focus on the effect and denial of the cause, the media becomes a powerful tool and weapon against a targeted group. Guns alone do not create genocide.

This conclusion was reached by the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal.

In reference to the media’s complicity in the violence, the Tribunal declared, ‘Without a firearm, machete or any physical weapon you, (Nahimana founder of Rwanda’s RTLM, Radio TV des Milles Collines) caused the death of thousands of innocent civilians.’

The media case as it was known, was conducted by the UNICTR or the ‘United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda’ and presided over by Judge Navanetham Pillay. The historic ruling clearly delineated the responsibilities and consequential role of the media.

‘The power of the media to create and destroy fundamental human values comes with great responsibility. Those who control such media are accountable for its consequences.’ (CCCLXXXIV)

This important, precedent-setting landmark case has been virtually forgotten and suppressed. For some in India, the media is the weapon of choice.

The implications of the Rwanda Media Case are far reaching and significant. Such a legal mechanism based upon this landmark Rwanda Media Case would no doubt be of great benefit to the Indian authorities, law professionals and overall socio-political climate. Freedom of the Press does not refer to the freedom to oppress.

In the landmark case, the UN convicted three Rwandan media personalities for ‘genocide, incitement to genocide, conspiracy and crimes against humanity-extermination and persecution.’

The verdict is clear and the precedent set.

The Indian media has been clearly and repeatedly implicated as a cause of violence and mayhem. It is widely recognized for its ruthless and biased approach towards news reporting.

The Indian media has also been implicitly involved in stirring up tension and fear amongst the people in a manner nearly identical to the UN Media Case.

India would do well to challenge its media to create rather than destroy fundamental human values. The Indian media should be held to account for the consequences of its actions.



Excerpt from – ” Godhra – The True Story ” – Nicole Elfie

“- – -By contrast, a genuine, on-the-spot investigation was conducted under the aegis of the New Delhi-based Council for International Affairs and Human Rights.[15]

Its findings were made public as early as April 26th, 2002, through a press conference held in Delhi. Running counter to the politically correct line of an “orchestrated attack, ” they were largely ignored by the media.

On March 3rd, 2002 the five-member fact-finding team under Justice Tewatia’s direction went to Godhra and spent six days visiting three affected areas in Ahmedabad and some of the relief camps. At all places, team members interacted with the two communities freely, without intervention of any officials. Five delegations from both communities presented their facts and views. The team then went to the Godhra railway station and interviewed officials, survivors and witnesses of the burning of the S-6 coach, as well as the fire brigade staff. They met the Godhra District Collector, along with other officials.

On April 4th, the team was in Vadodara (Baroda) visiting five relief camps of both communities, and seven areas which were the scenes of violence in the preceding month, as well as a number of sensitive areas. To have exposure to the ground realities they visited some areas still under curfew and also met the Commissioner of Police and District Collector along with other officials. Thirteen delegations consisting of 121 citizens met the team and presented their testimonies; they included not only members of both communities, but ranged from the Association of Hoteliers to a group of Gujarati tribal (Vanavasis).

“Indisputable” facts

Let us quote some findings of Justice Tewatia’s Inquiry Commission, which its report described as “indisputable”:

About the media:

  • Gujarati language media was factual and objective. Yet its propensity to highlight the gory incidents in great detail heightened communal tension.
  • English language newspapers … appeared to have assumed the role of crusaders against the State [Gujarat] Government from day one. It colored the entire operation of news gathering, feature writing and editorials. They distorted and added fiction to prove their respective points of view. The code of ethics prescribed by the Press Council of India was violated … with impunity. It so enraged the citizens that several concerned citizens in the disturbed areas suggested that peace could return to the state only if some of the TV channels were closed for some weeks.

[COMMENT:]  Having viewed all the Channels during that period, I have no hesitation in stating that the two ‘Most Guilty’ of going against all canons of journalistic ethics were – Barkha Dutt & Rajdeep Sardesai. Both were from NDTV whose telecast was through Star NewsChannel at that juncture.

But then this is India. Both roam free to date – Nira Radia tapes be damned!!]


Excerpt from the book: “Marxism and the Writing of Indian History”

– By: Shankar Saran

India First Foundation (2007)

Chapter 4: ” Romila Thapar and the Image of India ”  (pp: 70-98)

“Brannon Parkar is a white American from the USA living in the Hawaii Iskands. He has great interest in Indian History. After reading many strange things of every kind about Indian History in the American schools, Parkar began his own research. Ultimately he reached the conclusion that most of the WRONG INFORMATION about India’s past had reached America via Indian authors themselves, especially through the books penned by [Eminent Historian] Romila Thapar.

Which is why Parkar felt annoyed when, in April 2003, the U.S. Congress Library appointed Romila Thapar to its prestigious Kluge Centre for research on the awareness of History in Ancient India. He resented such a waste of public money. He did not think it fit to remain silent. He wrote a letter to the U.S. Congress:

“What Romila Thapar will present after research is already clear. She is obsessed with anti-Hindu and Marxist ideologies and has already spread much confusion about India. Then why waste public money for a determined Marxist onslaught on Hindu civilization? Hindu civilisation is the most ancient and most important civilization in the world and much can be learnt from it. Why justify dishonoring it? As a FRIEND OF INDIA – I OPPOSE IT. ”

[COMMENT: From many written accounts it is clear that Romila Thapar’s speciality was ‘Ancient India “. It is also clear that the lingua franca of ‘Ancient India’ was SANSKRIT. It is also amply clear from written records that Romila Thapar does not know a word of SANSKRIT. The question that arises is: What was her ‘Padma Bhushan’ research based on? Evidently NOT from primary sources. Then ONLY from secondary sources. And thus she becomes an ‘EMINENT HISTORIAN’. Regret to say, P.N. Haksar and Nurul Hasan have inflicted grievous damage to India by packing the intellectual institutions of the ’70s with Marxist ideologues. This is also well chronicled.]



The Virus of Islam: Can It Be Cured?

Amil Imani

08 April 2015

Risking the violation of political correctness, decades of closely and carefully studying Islam, has led me to the following observation:

Islam is a socio-cultural viral disease that invades any vulnerable host with its malignancy, while simultaneously devouring its own adherents.

In other words, Islam is like a deadly, contagious disease. Once it invades the mind of its victim, this debilitating disease is capable of transforming him or her to a helpless pawn that has no choice but to execute what he or she is directed to do.

Of the reported 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, millions are already trapped in the terminal stages of this affliction, while millions of others are rapidly joining them.

The people enslaved with the extreme cases of Islamic mental disease are highly infectious. They actively work to transmit the disease to others, while they themselves engage in horrific acts of mayhem and violence to demonstrate their unconditional obedience to the dictates of the Islamic cult of violence; For example, the Islamic State or “ISIS/ISIL.”

Islam like a mental retrovirus has mutated into numerous varieties and degrees of severity over the past 1, 400 years. Everyone born in a Muslim family, as well as those who convert to Islam, contract a particular mutation of the Islamic virus. As is the case with all retroviruses, the Islamic virus burrows deeply into the person and erupts, from time-to-time with potentially devastating consequences.

The Islamic virus first divests the person of his most fundamental human attribute. It takes away his right to make decisions himself and absolves him and in return, of any responsibility for his actions rendered in blind obedience to it.

The founder of Islam, Mohammad, insured the faith would remain on its intended mission by providing it with its manual of murder and mayhem, the Quran.

The Quran is the incubator of the virus of Islam, and Muslims are the carriers of this disease who communicates it to others while they themselves simultaneously are devoured by it.

Even a cursory glance at Islam clearly shows a history of lashing out at non-Muslim societies under the direct leadership of Muhammad, a practice that has remained on its mission to this day. This inherent divisiveness is clearly evident by the internecine violence within the ranks of believers commencing immediately following the death of Muhammad.

At the global level, the pathology and cognitive derangement systemic to Islam have given rise to the world’s most intolerant, backward, and impoverished societies.

It is in the very design of Islam to engage in violence. Muslims find ready justifications in the Quran–a book they believe authored word for word by the one and only creator of the universe, Allah–to do so. To a Muslim, anyone, even others who profess the same faith, can be a legitimate target of violence since there is no unifying Islamic doctrine, while the Quran is greatly amenable to self-serving interpretation.

It is indeed simplistic to contend that Islamic terrorism is Islam’s problem and that it is self-defeating or it will eventually defeat itself. Islamic terrorism is indeed that aspect of Islam that has lashed out toward the non-Muslim world from its inception. It is seen when the Islamic armies sallied out of the Arabian Peninsula to vanquish by the sword people far and near. It is indeed a great folly and a pathological denial of reality for the world to turn a blind eye to the ever-virulent acting-out characteristic of Islam, irrespective of its different forms and various degrees of its severity and duration.

As is the case with contagious disease, there is no minimal level of acceptable risk. The only acceptable risk with virulent Islam is its complete decimation. Otherwise, jihadism will raise its head time and again and inflict its deadly venom on its victims.

Islam itself is a vestige of a long-ago primitive people who lived and died by the sword. Muslims do not recognize the legitimacy of coexistence. They never have, and the Quran explicitly divides the world into two camps: The believers and the non-believers. And it is the sacred duty of the believers to cleanse Allah’s world of all non-Muslims.

In short, Islam is indeed a deadly, socio-cultural communicable virus that is immune to general methods of treatments. The Islam virus has mutated into numerous forms immediately upon the death of its creator. This mutated disease shares only a common name, such as the term used for describing the common cold.

In actual fact, Islam is about destruction within itself as well as the “other.”

Amil Imani is the author of Obama Meets Ahmadinejad and Operation Persian Gulf.



Islam’s Useful Idiots

Amil Imani

07 August 2006

Islam enjoys a large and influential ally among the non-Muslims: A new generation of ‘Useful Idiots, ‘ the sort of people Lenin identified living in liberal democracies who furthered the work of communism.

This new generation of Useful Idiots also lives in liberal democracies, but serves the cause of Islam fascism—another virulent form of totalitarian ideology.

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