From: Amit Bhadhuri :

Al Qaeda was a US creation : Hillary Clinton admits!
(A 1.5 minute Clip, only !)

The West-Al Qaeda-Wahhabis manipulating Muslims and Islam Shenali Waduge

30 June 2014

In July 2013, European Parliament identified the Wahhabi movement as the source of global terrorism and a threat to traditional and diverse Muslim cultures of the whole world. The Wahhabi cult was a creation of the British. It should make Muslims happy that the EU Parliament has identified not all Muslims as terrorists, but Wahhabis. Al Qaeda was a US creation, as Hillary Clinton admits ( The version that the US is now fighting Al Qaeda is a story too hard to believe. In short, it appears that ‘Muslim’ fundamentalist organisations can all be sourced back to the West. This requires Muslims to seriously take cognizance of ground realities sufficient to realize how they are being manipulated through Islam.

Vijay Raheja

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