The Hindu Values for Hindustan
By Suresh Vyas

Many countries, corporations, companies, organizations, families or persons have declared what is considered most valuable for them which will guide their decisions and actions. This article lists Hindu values for Hindustan which are also called the Vedic values whose roots are in the Vedas or in its 700-verse summary the Bhagavad Gita. The Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs will also find some of their values in this article. Because the Vedic dharma is universal religion for mankind, most non-Hindu people will also find these values positive, harmless or un-offensive.

1. Considering the land of Hindustan as Bharat Mata (Goddess Mother Hind).
2. Freedom of thought, speech, and action within the bounds of civility and dharma.
3. High regard for those who strive to live sin-free.
4. Hunting for fun or commerce is considered sinful.
5. Kindness to animals
6. Monogamy
7. No animal killing as part of any dharma karma
8. No dowry
9. No forced or enticed religious conversion
10. No oppression of any social class by any social class. Oppression is considered sinful.
11. No social class is considered higher or lower.
12. No virtue in gambling, alcohol, tobacco, drugs or out-of-marriage sex
13. No virtue in tolerating intolerant religions or ideologies
14. Preference for principle based policies, not greed based policies
15. Respect and protection for cows and women
16. Respect for all the tolerant religions or ideologies
17. Respect for Hindustan’s mountains, rivers and places that are as described holy in the Vedic scriptures.
18. Respect for Vedic gurus, sadhus and shastras; and for teachers, police, and soldiers
19. Reverence for Vedic Gods, temples, maths, gurukulas, Yoga Peeths and ashrams
20. Sincere desire to know the truths, especially the spiritual truths and live accordingly
21. Striving to control lust, anger, and greed
22. Uniform civil code (law) for all the citizens
23. Usage of universal prayers

24. Use of ChaNakya Niti in politics

25. Tendency to engage in rational dialogues and debates in most civilized manner on issues of importance per the Vedic tradition

I request Vedic readers to provide constructive comments to improve this article.

Jai Sri Krishna!

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