Jai Raj Yadav < > wrote:

Islamic conquest of India had been the bloodiest in the history of World. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMY2YV9WucY
India had been partitioned leading to death of over 1.2 million  and displacement of over 2 million people.
It lead to 4 wars with Pakistan and Kashmir still burning.
Jairaj Yadav

From: Rabinder Koul < >

Chapter VI
Islamic Imperialism in India
‘Swords flashed like lightning amid the blackness of clouds, and fountains of blood flowed like the fall of setting star. The friends of God defeated their opponents… the Musalmans wreaked their vengeance on the infidel enemies of God, killing 15,000 of them… making them food of the beasts and birds of prey… God also bestowed upon his friends such an amount of booty as was beyond all bounds and calculations, including five hundred thousand slaves, beautiful men and women.’
— Sultan Mahmud’s minister al-Utbi on his campaign to India
‘(Sultan) Mahmud utterly ruined the prosperity of the country and performed there wonderful exploits, by which the Hindus became like atoms of dust scattered in all direction… This is the reason, too, why Hindu sciences have retired far away from those parts of the country conquered by us, and have fled to places which our hands cannot yet reach, to Kashmir, Benaras, and other places.’
— Alberuni, Great Muslim scholar and scientist, d. 1050 ‘The Hindu women and children went out begging at the doors of the Musalmans.’
— Egyptian Sufi saint Shamsuddin Turk on Sultan Alauddin’s crushing exploitation of Hindus

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