From: Act for America <>

July 3, 2013

They who crafted The Declaration of Independence

—and the example they set for us

(The inserts in parenthesis are by Skanda987)

Thomas Jefferson was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, working with a committee of four others (John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston).

As we prepare to celebrate the 237th anniversary of the approval of that remarkable document, here are a few quotes from the three men most responsible for its crafting that shed light on their philosophies—and provide us wisdom we need in these challenging times.

            “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization,            it expects what never was and never will be.” – Jefferson

(This is the fate of Muslims who do not want to give up the barbaric ideology of the Arabian desert. No need to reform Islam; the freedom lovers just need to give it up entirely. – Skanda987)

“Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of       freedom.” – Adams

          (The mosques and madresaas of Muslims countries, especially of Pakistan, educate – brainwash – the children / students in doing jihad, act as suicide bombers, against the non-Muslims whom Koran calls kafirs. Additionally, Islam does not provide freedom of thought, speech or action. Islam treats woman as an object of property, not as a human being. Per Koran, a Muslim  girls clitoris is cut off in early childhood. A Muslim can divorce  his any wife by saying: “tallaq, tallaq, tallaq” to her. This divore is final in Islam.

Koran also allows a married or unmarried Muslim to temporarily marry a woman for sex. This is called muthaa in Koran.

The most coveted benefit / pleasure to jihadi martyrs promised by Islam, per Koran, is having sex with 72 hauries (virgins) in Islamic haven. Islam also allows Muslims to loot and rape kafirs. – Skanda987)

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary            safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Franklin

(The Americans and all the freedom lovers and their political leaders need to stop giving “politically correct” messages. This is because, if the truth is not understood correctly, and is not communicated with public, then the problem of terrorism cannot be solved. – Slanda987)
It’s not well-known that only about 1/3 of the colonists actively supported the War for Independence. This is yet another historic example of how it doesn’t take a majority to change the course of history.

It takes just enough people of courage, wisdom, passion and dedication, willing to fight for what they believe and resist whatever opposition is leveled against them.

Europe and the UK have learned the hard way that failure to resist radical Islam leads to the loss of both liberty and safety.

(This they understood, yes; but still they are acting unwisely in ways of solving the problem. They are fighting the symptoms of terrorism, not the root cause of terrorism. The root cause of terrorism is the barbaric ideology Islam.  Those who drafted the declaration of independence did not know the barbaric and anti-democratic nature of Islam; and they mistakenly assumed that Islam also is a good peace loving religion. As a result of this mistake, the US, UK, France, India, etc countries’ constitution considers Islam a legal religion. The need is to amend the constitution declaring Islam illegal in all democracies by grass root actions of the kafir majority as early as possible, and urgently. When done, it will be very easy to purge Islam out of kafir democracies. The Muslims then in the democratic countries will simply need to give up Islam, or move to live in any Muslim country. Notice that most Muslim countries have only Islam as the legal religion. So, there is no problem for democracies to declare just Islam as illegal.

Short articles at below links discuss his in more detail:

– Skanda987)

To every one of you who have chosen to join ACT! for America to resist the tyranny of radical Islam, in the indomitable spirit of the Founding Fathers, we thank you.


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