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Background: On July 14, 2012 we were invited to watch a documentary on Nepal made by an American family who speak Nepali and lived in Nepal for a few years. To our surprise, the documentary “Priti ko malik – Priti’s master” is a Christian propaganda designed for conversion. The movie begins with a Nepali father selling his daughter ‘Priti’ of about 10 years old to a cruel master. Nepalese are depicted as poor, cultureless, valueless and Dharmaless people. The poor girl has to work hard, wear burlap cloth and beaten often. She finds a friend – a lady primary school teacher. The teacher is a Christian missionary and teaches 7 or 8 years old pupils not humanities or science but Christian doctrines that ‘Jesus is the only salvation.’ She converts Priti to Christianity. The cruel master finally beats Priti so bad that she dies. As Jesus she was dead in her mud hut for 3 days. The teacher buries her. The cruel master repents and converts to Christianity. Then there was the invasion of heathen Japanese army in Nepal. The ‘never happened event’ is lamely explained that it happened in Philippines. Japanese soldiers order the master to bow to the Japanese King’s photo. He refuses on the ground that he bows only to Jesus. Japanese soldiers execute the master and make him a Christian martyr.



July 22, 2012


Dear missionaries

Jon Cloud Jee <>

Brian Snider Jee



Thanks for inviting to watch your Christian propaganda documentary “Priti ko malik.” It depicts Nepalese people as poor, cultureless, valueless and Dharmaless people; and Christianity as the only salvation. Such one way propaganda is not acceptable. There has to be a dialogue – both ways.

Yes, presently we are poor. It is just a matter of historical cycle. But we are not cultureless people. For example, we do not invite guests and insult them. Our civilization goes back to the pre-historical time of Shiva. Even King Janak and Princess Sita of Ramayana were almost a thousand years before Adam and Eve (4006 BC). By the way, that is where Cain got his wife. In the ‘Deluge’ even the Himalayan range was 3 feet under the water. For whole year we had to stand on hill tops to survive, and all others perished. We still call that the ‘year of cold butt.’ And that is why all the good people today are descendants of the Himalayan people.

I recognize you both are missionaries of Baptist – Christian religion. However, you may notice that we practice Dharma not religion. We have many Dharmas in Nepal like Buddha dharma, Shiva dharma, Vishnu dharma etc, which are collectively known as Hindu dharma or Hinduism. Dharma is not religion. Dharma is about seeking truth ‘Satya’ and spiritual practices ‘Yoga.’ A religion is about social innovation for tribal survival through militarization of society. Thus religion and Dharma acts in different planes. For example, you cannot be a Christian and a Muslim, but can be a Christian and a Buddhist same time.

Here are three articles to explain the basics of Dharma: ‘Dharma and religion’, ‘Karma – theory and practice’, and ‘Gnan yoga – Way of knowledge.’ You are welcome to learn, ask questions or write criticisms.


In the same token here are a few questions on Christianity. Please do respond.

A. Truth is – good people go to heaven, bad people go to hell. On the contrary, Christianity states, “All Christians go to heaven, no matter how evil. And all others go to hell, no matter how virtuous.”

John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.


Acts 4:12 Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.


John 3:16-18 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. Whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. But he who does not believe is condemned already.


Accordingly, all your non-Christian ancestors are in hell. Is it true? Do you agree?

Let me tell you, they were virtuous and are in heaven.

B. Truth is – a person may practice ‘good heart’ inside and ‘good deed’ out side to go to heaven. Any beliefs, true or not, are irrelevant. Compare it with the Christian doctrine that a mere belief ‘Jesus is Christ’ will open heaven for you. If you do not believe it then you go to hell. Do you agree? Can it be true?

C. Truth is – sins are not transferable. A person has to face the consequences of the person’s deeds, good for good, and bad for bad. Like school grades or head aches they cannot be wished away to others. On the contrary, Christian doctrines state that the original sin of Adam\Eve is transmitted to all humanity and thus babies are born in sin. Jesus pays for other’s sin, even for the crimes which are not even committed yet. Do you agree? Can it be true?

D. The doctrine comes from the Jewish superstition and practice that you can transfer your sins to an ‘escape goat.’ Jews sacrifice or slit throat of a poor sheep to God. They believe that would incur divine justice of punishing the sheep instead of the real criminal. Do you agree? Can it be true? Same concept is blown that God himself sacrificed his own son Jesus to pay for our sin. Here is a question. God sacrificed Jesus? To whom?

E. Jesus was a nice guy, a great spiritual master, a Buddhist scholar who lived most of his life in India and died in Shrinagar, Kashmir, India. Even today there is a temple where he is buried and people claiming to be his descendants.

F. Jesus’s teachings are mostly based upon Buddha and Shiva dharma traditions. His sublime teachings like ‘love even your enemies’ is most admirable. But Jesus’s teachings are not the central message of Christianity. For example, what happens to Jewish people who actually met Jesus and practiced his preaching ‘love all?’ According to Christianity, they all will go to hell merely because they do not believe ‘Jesus is Christ.’ Do you agree? Can it be true?

I am a science student, not a theologian. However, tons of material is available on the authenticity of Christianity or lack of it. I am giving a few below. Please help yourself. If you have any questions please feel free to contact.



Tilak B. Shrestha, Ph.D.

Huntsville, Alabama, USA



A. Jesus’s life and burial place in India and his teachings


Parallels between Gautama Buddha and Jesus


BBC Documentary – Jesus was a Buddhist monk


Buddhism and Christianity


Jesus as a Reincarnation of Buddha


Jesus in India – life and burial place


BBC Documentary – Jesus in India


Govt of India Documentary on Jesus in Kashmir


B. Why Jews say, ‘Jesus is not Christ.’


C. What Nepalese need to know about Christianity

Inquisition and torture tools, 50 million tortured to death.

Discovery Channel – Machines of Malice – The Inquisition

Millions of Native Americans were Killed by Christians – Hopi Chief

American Holocaust of Native American Indians



D. Objective study of Bible and Christianity

Bible scholar, Prof. Bart Ehrman, University of North Carolina, leaves Christianity


The truth about Bible exposed by a Bible scholar, Prof. Bart Ehrman


Christian Delusion – Dr. Richard Carrier

Dr. Richard Carrier, Rapture Day


Debunking the Jesus Myth, Prof. Robert M. Price, Ex-Baptist minister,

Johnnie Coleman Theological seminary


The core of the Jesus myth – Christopher Hitchens


Penn & Teller – Bible, real facts, Part 1


Penn and Teller – Creationism, Part 1


Prof. Richard Dawkins – The God Delusion


The God Delusion – Prof. Richard Dawkins, Part 1/5


Prof. Richard Dawkins on Christian doctrine of blood atonement


Dr. Sam Harris on Christianity


Real proof that Jesus was not real

Jesus did not exist, Part 1/7


“Did Jesus Exist?” Dr. Richard Carrier (Funny with x rated language)

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