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Being a Kashmiri Hindu, I had witnessed frenzied mobs stoning our houses in the middle of night and chanting Allah-ho-Akbar.

The rebellion against the Hindus was pre-planned, and majority of Muslims were in privy of the intentions and plans of the terrorists who were hunting down Pandits at their will and whim. In fact, it was our own Muslim neighbor; guiding and giving information about the Prospective Kashmiri Pandit (KP) targets that were to be gunned down by the terrorists. Mind you, all the terrorists were the Kashmiri Muslims at that time (1989-90).

Even after 23 years, I don’t see KP’s returning to their homes at least in present socio-political scenario.

Some of  the slogans which the Muslim mob chanted at that time were “Battan hundh buol, Khodhayan ghol” meaning let Khudah (god) destroy the whole creed of Kashmir Pandits; “Yahan kya chalega niz-e-mustafa meaning” meaning – “What will have sway here – Prophet’s governance”; “Ass gassey pakistan,battawa bageer ti battney saan” meaning “We want Kashmir with Pakistan, without Kashmiri Pandit men, but we want their women.”

And they called it a freedom struggle!!!!! And the only reason for this treatment was that the Kashmiri Pandits considered, and still consider, themselves to be Indian.

(Real reason is that KPs were/are kafirs, and Islam cannot tolerate it. – Skanda987)


Our houses have been either sold under duress or are in a debilitated state. Many of the Pandits’ houses have been occupied illegally by the Muslims. Majority of the KPs left most of their possessions at their homes with this hope that they will come back, but that was not the case! When I left Kashmir along with my brother and father, our only possession was a suitcase with some clothes.

In Kashmir, most of the houses are sort of palatial. Our own house had eight large bedrooms. And then all of a sudden we saw ourselves cramped in one room tenements. It was nothing short of claustrophobia. But we (family) were still lucky; at least we could afford a rented room. There were thousands who lived in tattered tents, for many years, in most unhygienic conditions.

And then there were our senior citizens…

Many of the senior citizens did not know any other language other than Kashmiri. Imagine their condition. They were literally in a jail, a big jail, and the only time, they could express themselves, was when they were in their settlements of tents in their own refugee camps. They lived that trauma until the day they died, and they died every day.

The news about the plight of Kashmiri Pandits was repressed even by the media. Tehelka is especially known as pro-Kashmiri Muslim website, and they have never ever honestly reported about us. No Kashmiri Pandit trust Tehelka’s authenticity.



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