Vedas on Public Interest

Common property, Information, Corrupt behavior

Atharv Veda 5/18.


नैतां ते देवा अददुस्तुभ्यं नृपते अत्तवे !

मा ब्राह्मणस्य राजन्य गां जिघित्सो जनाद्याम् !! अथर्व 5/18/1


O King the wise counsel by the learned has not been given to you be treated like fodder.

अक्षद्रुग्धो राजन्य: पाप आत्मप्राजित: !

सा ब्राह्मणस्य गामद्यादद्य जीवानि मा श्व: !! अथर्व 5/18/2


Kings/Rulers overpowered by their personal desires, who ignore the wise counsel by the learned are self defeated, they may have the present but they have no future.

आविष्टिताघविषा पृदाकूरिव चर्मणा !

सा ब्राह्मनस्य राजन्य तृष्टैषा गौरनाद्या !! अथर्व 5/18/3


Such wise counsel ignored is like deadly poisonous reptiles in a leather pouch. These reptiles are blood thirsty, and once they start escaping due to hunger , from their hideouts they are impossible to hunt down.

(Can we not see the  failures of our Indian rulers in proper handling of problems of deprived tribal people and the present ‘Naxalite’ situation?)


निर्वै क्षत्रं नयति हन्ति वर्चोSग्निरिवारब्धो वि दुनोति सर्वम् !

यो ब्राह्मणं मन्यते अन्नमेव सा विषस्य पिबति तैमातस्य !! अथर्व 5/18/4

Rulers who believe in strength,  corner all wealth for personal gains, kill  sane voices  thinking that they are no  physical threat, and  banishes wise counsel , what they eat as food for their existence, is  but  a deadly potion that  engulfs the entire nation in fire of  an inferno. Such rulers earn hatred of every body.


य एनं हन्ति मृदुं मन्यमानो देवपीयुर्धनकामो न चित्तत् !

सं तस्येन्द्रो हृदयेSग्निमिन्ध उभे एनं द्विषो नभसी चरन्त्म् !! अथर्व 5/18/5

Greedy rulers who give importance to money, ignore and smother truth and the sane voices that oppose corrupt practices involved in  illegal amassing of personal wealth, by ignoring sane voices considering them   as soft and weak, do not realise that they stoking great violent fires.


न ब्राह्मणो हिंसितव्यो3ग्नि: प्रियतनोरिव !

सोमो ह्यस्म दायाद इ न्द्रो अस्याभिशस्तिपा: !! अथर्व 5/18/6

Knowledge and wisdom are like a beating heart in human body, and sustain the very life of a Nation. Ruler is duty bound to protect and promote growth of knowledge and think tanks. (Perform Som Yagya)

ष्ठां शतापा नि गिरति  तां न शक्नोति नि:खिदन् !

अन्नं यो ब्रह्मणां मल्व: स्वाद्वद्मीति मन्यते !! अ‍थर्व 5/18/7

These fools ( the short sighted rulers) who feast to enjoy  at the expense of public interests, do not realize that what they swallow down are not sweets but poisons with hundreds of  barbs, that will tear him  down.


जिह्वा ज्या भवति कुल्मलं वाङ्नाडीका दन्तास्तपसाभिदिग्धा: !

ते भिर्ब्रह्मा विध्यति देवपीयून्हृद्बलैर्धनुर्भिर्देव्जूतै: !! अथर्व 5/18/8

The tongue of the voice less public becomes like bow from which are shot the destructive arrows of  public speech very destructive arrows sharpened by the  teeth of the public whose  voice  is ignored.


तीक्ष्णेषवो ब्राह्मणा ब्राह्मणाहेतिमन्तो यामस्यन्ति शरव्यां3 न सा मृषा !

अनुहाय तपसा मन्युना चोत दूरादव भिन्दन्त्येनम् !! अथर्व 5/18/9

The invisible missiles of the curse of   ignored sane voices of the learned persons forming public, never goes astray. They annihilate to shatter the insensitive rulers, from behind.


ये सहस्रमराजन्नासन्दशशता उत !

ते ब्राह्मणस्य गां जग्ध्वा वैतहव्या: प्राभवन् !!अथर्व 5/18/10

There were thousands of  rulers among whom hundreds usurped public wealth and turned deaf ears to wise counsel, they have all met with their fate.


गौरेव तान्हन्यमाना वैतहव्याँ वैतहव्याँ अवातिरत् !

ये केसरप्राबन्धायाश्चरमाजामपेचिरन्!! अथर्व 5/18/11

Such  rulers are ultimately  destroyed by their own deeds  under  public pressures of gravely feeling the hurt of being ignored and exploited.


एकशतं ता जनता या भूमिर्व्यधूनुत !

प्रजां हिंसित्वाब्राह्मणीमसंभव्यं पराभवन् !! अथर्व 5/18/12

Hundreds of such rulers are known to meet this end.



देवपीयुश्चरति मर्त्येषु मर्त्येषु गरगीर्णो भवत्यस्थिभूयान्  !

यो ब्राह्मणं देवबन्धुं हिनस्ति  न स पितृयाणमष्येति लोकम् !! अथर्व 5/18/13



अग्निर्वै न: पदवाय: सोमो दायाद उच्यते !

हन्ताभिशस्तेन्द्रस्तथा तद्वेधसो विदु: !! अथर्व 5/18/14


Only remedy lies in highly organised intellectually driven positive public force to get mobilized in to action .


इषुरिव दिग्धा नृपते पृदाकूरिव गोपते !

सा ब्राह्मणस्येषुर्धोरा तया विध्यति पीयत: !! अथर्व 5/18/15


Immense fire power resides in the voice of the masses.



Subodh Kumar,
C-61 Ramprasth,


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