Tuli Yashvor tells about himself

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        No, I did not “serve” in any country of the Middle-East. I had my outings in 
Basra & Baghdad in Iraq, Istanbul, Ankara and Adnan in Turkey, Belgrade in
Yugoslavia and different places in Nepal, to disburse family pension to the 
widows of our Gurkha martyred soldiers.
          I do not know where and during which years you served in Muscat (Oman).
My intimacy with Oman started when its ex-ruler Sultan Al-Quboos, who died in
Jan 2020, had met me in Khadakvasala, Pune where I was temporarily posted.
His father was then still alive and they both were searching for an alternative to
change their British Military Commanders. Al-Quboos wanted me to volunteer
and shift to Oman which proposal I could not accept because of personal reasons.
         It is a long story but I simplify it by saying that his wishes were met by us
when we choose Captain S Balan Nair to be sent to Oman and work under his
guidance. They worked extremely hard, staying in tents in un-inhibited areas 
but the end results achieved were excellent.
          During 1993-94 Captain (then Colonel) S B Nair wanted to be relieved and 
Sultan Al-Quboos took my son, now Colonel Sudhir Yashvir Tuli, to Oman to
replace him. 
           Colonel Sudhir Yashvir Tuli is a highly qualified neoro-surgeon but after
having undergone military training voluntarily in Oman has become a renowned
para-trooper too. He has since been conferred  with Oman’s highest military 
            Major Nair came back to India during 1985, to Secunderabad, once again to
serve under me because I wanted him to be remembered more as a retired Indian 
Army Officer than from The Omani Army.
            Yash Tuli