Islamic Terrorists Planning to Destroy Ram Janam Bhumi Temple

From: Tilak Shrestha < >

Imagine a college with 500 students and professors studying and conducting research in different subjects. Imagine a Dada with 20 gurgas coming over. Who will win? The 500 or the 20?
Of course, we have the solution, e.g. Parashuram. He holds both Shaastra and Shastra. What we have no answer is Gandhi. He teaches to forward another cheek, if somebody slaps on one.
So, forget Gandhi, listen to Krishna.
Here is the difference between you and I. I will help the slapper to know that he got two cheeks. Most probably you will tell him that you got three cheeks left.
By the way, I am from Nepal, not India. Once, General Gurgin Khan attacked Nepal. You don’t want know what we did to him. Suffice to say we never had another problem. That is, the solution is not Gandhian sugarcoating of cowardice, but study what Islam is and formulate policies accordingly. The Chhetriya Dharma is what we have to inculcate.
      1. Queen Elizabeth presents ‘Conspicuous Gallantry Cross’ medal to Gurkha Dip Pun. He fought off alone over 30 Taliban in Afghanistan, 2011.

2. Gurkha Bishnu Shrestha fought off alone with only a Khukri 40 train robbers and saved a girl from being raped in India. He was awarded ‘Sourya Chakra’ and ‘Sarvottam Jevan Raksha’ medals, 2011.