बख्तरबंद ट्रैक्टर… तोप की धमकी… किसानों के ट्रैक्टर मार्च की तैयारी डराने लगी है!!

After listening below video it is clear that the anti-national forces are preparing for violence with deedly an destructive force.

The only solution is that the gov’t needs to declare President Rule in the area;

and then deploy army with full permission to use force against the aggressors.


Maj Gaurav Arya speech against democratic and labor parties

Kashmir, Friends & Enemies around the World || Major Gaurav Arya

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Please listen to this wonderful speech by Major Gaurav Arya on the deep anti-India role being played by Democratic party in the US and the Labor party in the UK.   He aptly quoted these people as behaving exactly  like the East India company that enslaved, plundered and divided India for 200 years.  He  compared the actions of Trump when India is in dire need with words of Obama and he would trust a man by his actions and not by his words.

Here are some quotes from his video above, which are gems:

1) Donald Trump is a man who is kinder when it comes to actions and Obama is a man who is kinder when it comes to words.  Please do not believe in the words of men, especially the men in power, believe in their actions.

2) Every time you vote for these people, they jeopardise India’s territorial  integrity, they jeopardize India’s security, they jeopardize India’s sovereignty and I will tell you how they do it.

3) Your party does it, exactly the East India Company did it 250 years ago.   They feel that it is the right of the white man to interfere in the business of the brown man.

4) India is our business and we will take care of it as we see fit.  When the chinese attacked our forces in Galwan, it was President Trump who sent those warships to the South China Sea, it was he who sent  the carrier group, it was he who sent the B-52 bombers.  I may not agree with all of Trump’s politics, but as an Indian, I will see who was standing with me when my country’s integrity and my country’s sovereignty was in peril.   That is what I will see.   

5) I don’t care for your politics.