In this blog any Bharatiya is welcome upload his/her complaint against Bhaarat’s Court System. After you upload your complaint, please share its link to other persons and organizations. Please civil language without any bad words. You may write in Hindi, Gujarati, or English.

Those who write complaint here, as a comment, will be fully responsible for the truth in the complaint.

This is an unofficial non-profit website run by one person only in his spare time.

A suggested format for writing your complaint is shown below.  You may copy it, paste it as your comment, and then add/type the needed information in the pasted part.

Complain against Court’s name and full address:


Complain by (Your name, address, phone #, email address):


Your Case #:


Describe your complaint against the court system e.g.:

  • For long long (months and days) your case is running without rendering justice?
  • Why you believe the court is not rendering justice to you in timely manner?
  • What suffering the current court processes cause you to suffer?
  • What change you desire in the court system processes?



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