One thought on “Who Is a Minority? | Muslims May Lose Minority Status | Dr. Manish Kumar | Capital TV

  1. On 29th Mar 2022, at Lalsot, Rajasthan, India:
    Two daughters of India were murdered in broad daylight – One was killed by the Mentality of her In-Laws and the other was killed by the dirty politics of local goons and media nexus.
    A 22 year old girl who has 3 daughters was pregnant with a 4th baby and died during delivery. Do you think she died due to complications of pregnancy. No.. She died due to the pressure by family to keep producing babies till a boy is born. They don’t care if the mother dies in the process. The In-laws and husband of the girl murdered the poor girl for want of a boy.
    When the girl could not be saved, the family members conveniently blamed it on the doctor. Media ( Reporter Mahesh Bihari of Rajasthan Patrika, Lalsot) and a local goon ( Balya Joshi) kept the dead body in front of the hospital and pressurised the doctor using mob. They pressurised the police too.
    Against all the guidelines of Supreme Court, without any investigation, police registered a case under Section 302 ( attempt to murder). A doctor who has saved lives all her life, when could not save one – was labeled as Murderer by Patient Party and Police. She hanged herself. She committed suicide.This is plainly abetment of Suicide by Patient Relatives, Police , Media and the Local Goons.
    It is the death of doctor within every doctor in this country. If we cannot speak today, we cannot speak ever.
    Every doctor tries to save a patient and unfortunately doctors are not Gods to save all lives.
    “If this doctor was a murderer, then every doctor is a murderer because we can’t save all lives. All doctors should be booked for Section 302 and barred from practice. ”
    We lost a doctor. And this is plainly abetment of Suicide by Patient Relatives and Police. They should be booked.
    “I love my husband and my children. Please don’t harass them after my death.””DON’T HARASS INNOCENT DOCTORS… “Please don’t let my children feel the lack of a mother,” reads her suicide note.
    Feel her pain. Even in death she was more concerned about her children, her husband and other doctors in the country.
    We need Justice.
    Both these daughters of our country should get justice.
    List of assaults on doctors is endless . A chronicle of so many assaults on doctors across India is given below. And so many more go unreported.

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