Dear Sanaatanis,

Requ4st you challenge you Church preachers in your town for two things:

  • Why convert Hindus when they never go out to convert any one. Hindu Dharma is not a threat to Christianity; Islam is; so go to convert Muslims.
  • Just as the politicians do public debates at the time of election, we invite you to debate on the principles of religion; Would you come to debate?

You can draft a letter to any church preacher like the one shown below, and send the letter to the church.  Then if they accept the challenge, be ready to debate, or have someone ready to debate effectively.

Sample Letter:

Respected Pastor / Chaplain / Preacher,

Namaste _/\_.

If you want to stop Islamization of USA,

and / or if you want rationality prevail in preaching and conversion efforts,

and/ or if you respect others liberty and freedom as long as their actions are not taking away others life, land, wife, property or freedom,

then please further.

I am a humble Hindu (Sanaatani) born and raised in Hindustan, and a citizen of the USA for several decades. I am a senior engineer serving the USAF through a contractor company. The local Albuquerque Hindu community knows me as a Hindu priest and teacher.

A political Scientist Samuel Huntington at UCLA has stated after the end of the cold war that Islam will be the enemy of the USA (and the world). He says that the wars will be fought based on ideology (or religion). He describes it as the Clash of the Cultures.

He has, and some great personalities have, understood and stated clearly that Islam is a severe threat for liberty and freedom and for attaining peace.

Your mission is to convert others to Christianity. Therefore, I request you, brave American, to convert Muslims first. If the Christian preachers in the USA do not convert the Muslims, then after a few decades the country will look like Saudi Arabia. There will be burkhas, mosques, madrasas and maulvis / mullahs everywhere. There will not be any church or temple or synagogue. There will be Sharia courts only in the USA. Per Sharia one is guilty as charged. The burden to prove innocence is on the accused. No Americans who are freedom lovers would want it to happen; but it is happening silently and gradually.

An example is Dearborn, MI city where Islam rules. One cannot drive through a Muslim neighborhood if one is not a Muslim. This is true all over the world. In most of the 53 Muslim countries, all religions, except Islam, are illegal.

The Hindus who live in Hindustan since millenniums are suffering from the forcibly invaded Islam since ~1000 years. They tried to assimilate Islam for such a long time while tolerating their terrorists’ inhuman barbaric acts, but they failed to assimilate. The Americans could learn from this history, and stop any and all efforts to assimilate Muslims. So, any success you achieve in converting Muslims would be your great achievement. So, take this challenge please, and stop converting Hindus in Hindustan because the Hindus never have converted anyone by force or enticement or fraud. Per Dharma, they never will go out to convert.

Islam is not a religion of peace, but the opposite. If you know it well, then I strongly request to please share it with your audiences. If you do not know it, then invite me in your gatherings, and I will share a lot of truth about Islam.

I have seen that in the Western world many people do not know correctly what this Hinduism is. E. g. I was invited by a Christian University org to share info about Hinduism to their students who all were adults. They gave me one hour, but kept listening to me for about three hours. They were teaching about Hinduism; so, I asked them what text book they use. They said they had none. Obviously, they were teaching wrong information about Hinduism. I gave them a textbook to use. I hope they are using it.

If you want your audience to know what Hinduism is, then invite me to give a three-hour talk (or two or three classes totaling three hours.) All have freedom to hate Hinduism, and I say that first know the truth about Hinduism, and then hate it if there is any reason to hate it. Be rational.

Please respond. I am open for discussion on the matter in person or by emails.

In the USA the media sets debates on TV between politicians when election time is near. The purpose of a debate is to bring out the truth to the public. The Hindus have an age- old tradition of publicly debating religious principles in the most civil manner. I suggest you invite me for a debate on religious principles, and I would gladly come. I pray that Americans begin debating on religious matters. Could you plan one?

Your Friend,

(Your name and contact information)


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