“Terrorists have no religion,” a false narrative by Muslims for kafirs

“Terrorists have NO religion.”
Most of the terrorists known all over the world are Muslims.
When they are killed or die, the Muslims do their funeral/ burial.
That is solid proof that the terrorists were Muslims; 
so the source of preaching to do terrorism against the kafirs is Koran.
This is not an opinion, but  a fact that can be verified objectively.
All the religions whose cradle is not Bhaarat, are religions or majhabs.
Islam, Xinity, and Judaism are majhabs (religions.)
Each of these have a prophet that lived in our known history, mostly within 2000 years.
He, and or his followers created the majhab.
In contrast,  Hinduism (which is not an “ism”, a man-made ideology like communism, socialism, etc.) is universal DHARMA for mankind. It is the oldest, and there is no concept of a prophet in Dharma. Its root book is the Veda, which is systematically divided into four Veda, containing 20,000 hymns in Sanskrit.
Note on a side point: Sanskrit is a rule and logic based language, and therefore, the computer programmers of NASA love it.  This Devanagari script has 36 consonants and 12 vowels.
With facility we write the sounds of spoken words. Most Indian languages aer based on Sanskrit, and therefore, no Indian asks how to spell a name, unless it is an English name.
We write what we hear, and the reader pronounces it correctly. 
Coming back to DHARMA: The 700-verse summary of the Veda is Srimad Bhagavad Gita, which is a conversation that took place in Kurukshetra battlefield 5118 years ago between Arjun, and Krishna, the Supreme God incarnated.  So, for our time, Gita is sufficient to understand Dharma. It provides complete Spiritual Science; and to live in consideration of the spiritual science is our (mankind’s) Dharma or Hinduism.
To live in disregard of the Spiritual Science is adharma or demoniac or sinful act.
The benefit of living per Dharma correctly is that one lives more and more sin-free.
More seriously one lives per Dharma, more sin-free one lives, and develops godly qualities. Those who completely live sin-free are recognized as saints, saadhus, or swamis. They have the qualification to guide society on how to live sin-free, and realize God. Bhaarat has produced millions of great spiritual giants over millennials. Even today you could find such saints, males of females.
The correct name of Hinduism is:
Sanaatan Dharma, or Varna-aashram dharma, of Vedic dharma.
Dharma gives maximum freedom of thought, speech, and action.
It tells mankind to seek the truth, material, and also spiritual.
More importance is given to seeking the spiritual truths, or knowing the spiritual science, so that one can live life in consideration of the peace.
If one lives sin-free, one lives happily and it does not create problems for anyone.
Bottom line: Hinduism is not a religion but Dharma.
Most terrorists (who also are aggressive) are Muslims.
So, the thread title may be changed.
If you consider human brain as a computer, then Islam is s deadly virus;
and Pakistan has thousands of madrassas where they inject Islaam-virus in the young brains who then grow as terrorists and suicide bombers.
{Want a world free from terrorism?
Then introduce an education system with text books on Hinduism.}
The Vedic culture has no such a thing.
Peace is not possible where there is Islaam.
If any reader has firmly determined that Hinduism is bad,
then please do not ask me any questions.
On the other hand, those who are genuinely interested to know more about Dharma with a friendly attitude, they are welcome to ask questions; and I would be glad to answer as I have understood it from my guru and from Vedic scriptures.
jaya sri krishna!
A comment by Sanjeev Kulkarni < >:

Cremate the bodies of slain terrorists.  By the reaction of others,
you will immediately know whether these terrorists had a religion or not.
It is a very simple test.

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