From” Tilak Shrestha < >

Dear all:
Of course, the evil Islam to be blamed, not Muslim people. Muslims themselves are victims of the evil Islam. If Islam instigates Muslims to kill, loot and rape non-Muslims; then as the first order of business non-Muslims must defend themselves, and kill these attackers.
The second order of business is to analysis why the aggression. Answer is simple, Islam teaches to attack (non-Muslims.) (If this were not so, then) why did you (Muslims) destroyed Bamian Buddha? It shows the black heart of Islam.
Dharma is not Religion. Dharmas do(es not tell to) attack. (It is)  about spirituality (spiritual science.) ( In contrast) Religions are about militarization of society and attacks.
Here are a few notes on the subject for your enlightenment.
WARNING! Don’t try your evil Jihad on us. We will retaliate, and stick your evil Islam up your behind.
Thanks, Tilak

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