What is an answer of the below questions?

  • Why Aurangzeb successfully killed Hindus and demolished temples? Because he had the power as a ruler
  • Why the Muslims successfully killed in 1946 many Hindus in Kolkatta as part of Jinnah’s DIRECT ACTION? Because the CM of Bengal–Suhrawardy– planned it and sent all the police on leave
  • Why the Godhra Incident Hindu reaction succeed? Because State authority supported it for 48 hours or so
  • Why the Hindus are attacked and thrown out from W. Bengal after the recent election? because The elected CM Mamata is supporting the anti-Hindus

Answer: It is clear that the success of an aggressor’s (or defender’s) action is sure when ruling authority supports an action.

So, if the Hindus are to be saved, and Hindustan is saved from the anti-Hindus and Islamization, then the Hindu ruling party has to support the Hindus for Safaai Karma.

The current time needs is for Godhra Kand reaction, but at national level.

jaya sri Raam!



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