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From: Dr. R N Das, Nepal

Wherever this termite named as Muslim will go, it will destroy that land bit by bit in due course of time. Now there is no point of return. Neither Amit Shah, Yogi Aditynath nor NaMo can reverse the gear. (The Hindus would force them to quit Islam (do Ghar Waapasi) or quit Bhaarat. – Suresh Vyas

Everywhere on this Earth, these deadly swarm of termites imperceptibly sneaking in to undermine its tradition, culture, language and civilization from the root itself. 


1.Wipe out the facilitators first (the Congress-Communist, Maya-Mamata-Mulayam like politicians).
2. Identify the Missionaries – Maulvis–the imminent danger ahead of us.
3. Increase Defense Budget to make Bharat a Super-power for deterrence of terrorism.

4. Militarize the Hindu youth–compulsory 2-3 years Territorial army training.

5. Cyber space specialization to spread the message to every vulnerable unit across the globe.

6. Jihad watch like daily News message to all non-Muslims.

7. Political Islam–should be constitutionally banned in Bharat. 

8. Change words like Secularism, Democracy and Constitutional sanction of reservation.

9. It’s a global problem. So bring together Non-Muslim ,I mean Hindu-Buddhist-Jain-Sikh-Jews-Christians together in one platform. The countries to be united. But again the Hindu name bearing traitors are more dangerous than the real threatening Muslim-Missionary. 

10. Spread Hinduism across the globe(Soft Power) spread in Asia, Latin America and Africa because they are more vulnerable folks to be prey of Islam and Missionaries.

Jai Hind! Vande Mataram!

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