From: Rajput < >
Sent: Mon, 15 Feb 2021 2:14

Dear all,
Please read the letter from Dr Das below. It’s an eye opener. It contains disturbing facts that will rob us of our sleep.
Not only are the Hindus in Bharat seen unable to have a Constitution to safeguard their survival, in neighboring Nepal, too, the CANCER is consuming the Hindus who are unable to help themselves.
Governments being secular it is for the population to devise means of safety and security. If the “crude faith from the desert” is not checked there is the danger of the Hindus “evaporating” gradually and then submission and surrender would follow.
It is time for the PUBLIC in Nepal and Bharat to take matters in their own hands to compel the governments to ensure that demography does not crush the Hindus and Buddhists. Everyone knows that the Islamic onslaught is extremely savage. Please read how the YAZIDIS were wiped out in their own country! Nearer home the massacres of Noakhali and West Punjab ought to open our eyes. Are we leaving it for our grandchildren?
15 Feb 2021
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From: Deepak Das < >
Sent: Sun, 14 Feb 2021 4:11

From: Dr. R N Das, Biratnagar, Nepal
Good morning sir!
If you know the real story of Nepal and Muslim and Missionary activities in Nepal, you will be struck with surprise. I know them over 20 years.
My personal experience in Pokhara(Manipal Teaching hospital from 2000 to 2007) and Kathmandu(2016-2021), all Kashmiri Muslims have close links with the murderer and rapists. They are absconding by changing their names and marrying beautiful Nepali women to dupe the police. The Nepali Hindus are facilitator of course knowingly or unknowingly.
Here in different districts of Nepal, many Rohingya Muslims are given shelter. The Maulvis and Missionaries now giving rapidly proselytizing by naïve Hindus of Nepal by many means i.e., Muscle power, money, intimidation, rape, live-together, love-jihad, land jihad. My maid servant Sulekha’s daughter Mamata Sardar is a victim of Muslim-menace.
One Laparoscopic surgeon Dr. Ruslan from Kyrgyzstan—-is illegally staying in the hospital quarter, working over 12 years and intimidating all 120 Hindu doctors brazenly. Who is backing him? The owner of this hospital (MD) is supporting him. Why? Out of greed !!!  
Read my article: “Nepal is on the verge of total evangelization”!!
No more today!
Vande Mataram!
Jai Hind!

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