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Are you still living in the 19th century?  There are no high caste privileges now but the low caste privileges only. 
Yes, and it is reverse discrimination, where unqualified candidates are given responsibility or position, and is not justice or fairness. – Suresh Vyas
Just check who gets scholarships, admissions in educational institutions at what percentage of marks, job reservations (check how criteria are relaxed for lower castes), promotions based on their lower castes, bank loans at concessional rates and at concessional criteria, waiving of loans to name just a few?  And what the so-called high castes are getting? Nothing!  Many laws are passed to favor exclusively lower castes only.  

 There are laws to protect the interests of lower castes and they are getting a better deal- so much so that now even some higher castes are vying to call themselves lower castes to get benefits. e.g. Marathas in Maharashtra are agitating for the inclusion of their caste in the lower caste category. This is the unique phenomenon only in India where people want to be categorized as ‘lower castes’ for benefits.

 Moreover, many reformist organizations are working for the removal of whatever social evils are there against the lower castes.  In fact, the Hindu religion is the only religion in the world which passes laws against their own customs, traditions and reform with the changing times.  In truly Islamic countries people cannot even watch movies or women cannot drive cars and in Afghanistan, women are barred from schools or jobs.  Compare it to Hinduism and you will understand what a heaven it actually is.

 Finding fault with Hinduism by non-Hindus reminds me of a story “Missing tile syndrome”.  Read it here –

On Sunday, 14 February, 2021, 01:38:36 am IST, Gurpreet Singh Rehal < > wrote:
Sanjeev is silent on High caste privilege, for someone so vocal in expressing opinions this says a lot. This is the typical response from those that wish to maintain high caste privilege.
We need to end high caste privilege, it only causes hate and resentment from lower castes.  How can we put an end to high caste privilege if we are not even willing to talk about it, I appeal to all Indians to love one another, this cannot happen if caste-based discrimination continues, the first step is for us to openly talk about it and acknowledge it is wrong and damaging to India, we all want India to be progressive so let join hands and together we can make it so. China was destroyed by WW2 but now China is doing much better economically, militarily and technologically than India. . BJP has the power to bring in new laws and enforce them to bring an end to High caste privilege.
On Sat, 13 Feb 2021 at 18:11, sanjeev kulkarni < > wrote:
We are unnecessarily deviating from the subject.
We are not discussing religion here.  One caution, those
who are trying to use religion for more divisions of India
will be crushed with an iron fist.  Try your luck if in doubt.
We are living in the time of the Clash of The Cultures. Three ant-Vedic foreign ideologies have invaded in Bhaarat, and because of that we have suffered immensely and still are suffering. The biggest issue is Islam, and it needs to be purged out from Bhaarat. – Suresh Vyas

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