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Dear Patriots, 
I wish to share an idea published in a daily newspaper in the UK.
The ‘letter to the editor’ reads-
“Sir, I was heartened by the proposal to name roads after those who have won the Victoria Cross and George Cross. and by the support this has received from the communities and cultural secretaries.”
As an NRI I immediately thought of Bharat where countless roads are named after the enemies of Bharat (ancestors of those who moved to Pakistan) and the terrible Mohammedan rulers like Aurangzeb, Babur, Shahjehan, and so on.
May I appeal to the relevant authorities in Bharat to immediately REPLACE all those offensive names including those of the autocratic anti-Hindu, anti-Bharat Nehru Dynasty that “served” the country well, starting with facilitating PARTITION?
A great country like Bharat should have NO dearth of brave soldiers and genuine heroes who won Param Veer Chakra and Maha Veer Chakra, and those who resisted the Moguls with great courage all their lives and those who inflicted crushing defeats on the enemy. One can easily mention some of those:
1.  Who resisted the enemy all life: SHIVAJI, GURU GOBIND SINGHJI, RANA SANGHA, RANI OF JHANSI.
2.  Who inflicted crushing defeats on the enemy: Gen Hari Singh Nalwa who captured Khyber Pass, Gen Zorawar Singh, Field Marshal Maneckshaw and General JS Aurora who liberated East Bengal. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.
3. SAGES, COMPOSERS, THINKERS, FREEDOM FIGHTERS like Rabindranath Tagore, Swami Vivekanand, Writer Nanak Singh, Bhagat Puran Singh.  
4.  Notable Hindu / Sikh rulers like Maharaja Ranjit Singh
NB: I know there will be many more names. Please contribute more names from different States.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Bharat could “shine” where citizens and tourists could see the beauty of the sacred soil of Bharat through the names of the roads and streets that delight the heart of the beholder!
4 Feb 2021

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