From: Kumar Arun < >

Dear Fellow Bharatiya,
As you already know that not any efforts can turn the past into present. Our small or big efforts, of course with majority of helping hands, can bring a better & brighter future. Please look around and feel the change on move in most parts of the country. Almost all the giants who used to roar inside the parliament and outside on the streets, are running scared either from the eyes of patriots or from laws of the land. Right now, other than Rahul & Priyanka, no one else is barking. Even they, are barking like a dog behind the fenced yard but scared of smelling coyotes waiting outside the iron fence.
Believe it or not, Young Hindus not only in India but across the world have been forming hundreds if not thousands of Social Media Group and inspiring each other for the Hindu Rashtra. It is no longer a matter for BJP-Modi to declare rather the gov is feeling the pressure exerted by these social media groups. There are many organizations who have come forward openly in the public and demanding all those laws, for ex: CAA, NPR, ban over polygamy, etc.
Kumar Arun

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