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** (In Greek mythology HYDRA is a nine headed snake that will never die but regenerate in many ugly forms till eternity.)

PARTITION was grave insult to our sacred and divine Bharat Mata. It was also great TERRITORIAL loss to Hindusthan, an ancient civilization renowned for divinity, spirituality and morality. And it degraded the Hindus, the majority community, that was supposed to dominate their LAND in a virile and manly manner- that was supposed to COUNTER ATTACK to exterminate those who demanded Pakistan (a disgusting deal that left the Muslims on BOTH sides!).
When the “Sword Of Islam” struck at the worst moment in our history (when the bright sun of the powerful British Imperialism was setting, and “Transfer of Power” was in sight) the scared “majority community” was scattered like the leaves in storm. Along with the Hindus, the Sikhs, too, fled West Punjab, suffering horrendous loss of life, honor, dignity, properties and lands. The Sikhs in West Punjab were not supplied with arms by Nehru and his government to crush the Pakistanis then and there.
By banning any discussion on Partition, in view of the fact that the traitors on our own side are considered holier than our country, the rulers of Bharat have only perpetuated IGNORANCE on the part of the Hindus. Thus every time a terrorist explodes a bomb here and there, or a mad Jehadi comes over from Pakistan to attack a military post in Kashmir, or some students at JL Nehru University shout “Pakistan Zindabad!”, or some Sikhs in Pakistan swear loyalty to Pakistan, it makes headline news. We are shocked. 
But we do not realize that the Pakistanis, too, are similarly shocked when they hear that some (Indian) Muslims in army uniform have killed the Pakistani infiltrators in Kashmir, or in case of war they will fight alongside the Indian troops.
Whether the Sikhs in Pakistan join the army or the Muslims in Bharat join the army, we should show the courage and patriotism to cry out for AKHAND BHARAT.
Those Hindu patriots who say, “We will not be able to contain or confront too many Muslims in Akhand Bharat, confess that the Hindus will rather DIE A “DOG’S DEATH” (Malabar, Noakhali, West Punjab) than take “Amrit” and repeat, “Sawa Lakh se ek ladaaun, tab hi Gobind Singh Naam kahaaun!” and scare the breath out of the imaginary Muslim OGRE! These “brave” Hindu scholars also forget that only 300,000 Britons controlled and administered 300,000,0000 Indians till 1947!
Of course, there are ALTERNATIVES to “Amrit” like DUMPING GANDHI and picking up GITA to tell the children of Sri Krishna’s command to Arjun to KILL even his relatives in the battlefield, or teach the children the story of Sri Ram going to WAR to rescue Sita Devi. But this won’t happen if there is a secular “mule” or a MUSLIM (like Nehru’s choice, Maulana Abdul Kalam straight after Partition!) occupying the post of Minister of Education.
But to wring the hands in despair and moan, “Muslims, if they increase in numbers, will EAT US ALIVE!” is the worst crime that the nation is committing daily along with the Government of Shri Modi and the Lok Sabha of the “SCARED RATS”, that has yet to call to arms every Hindu over the age of 18 in the Partitioned Indian Secular State.
How else can we PREVENT the Pakistani Sikhs joining the army to fight our own Jawans? And how else can we recover what the “BANDITS (like Nehru) AND BULLIES (like Jinnah) COMBAINED”, captured swiftly by putting the “fear of death” in our top leader, MK GANDHI?
21 January 2021
PS: We request the NRI’s living in America to write to the “rubber stamp” President of Partitioned India, “Sir, at YOUR inauguration you, too, ought to have gone to Bharat’s own National Mandir (Temple) in Ayodhya, or Sri Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar, following the example of the brave Presidents of the (secular) USA. Before taking the Oath of Office, Joe Biden, the new President, went to St Matthews Cathedral in Washington to pray, and to the Arlington National Cemetery, the United States’ military cemetery in Arlington County, Virginia, to pay homage to the military veterans buried there. See below:
    • Former Presidents Accompany Biden to Arlington National Cemetery
      Arlington National Cemetery is a United States military cemetery in Arlington County, Virginia, across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., in whose 639 acres (259 ha) the dead of the nation’s conflicts have been buried, beginning with the Civil War,

      Former Presidents Accompany Biden to Arlington National Cemetery

      New York Times3 hours ago

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