From: Anand Sharma < >

With regards to Punekar Major Saheb’s suggestion that Polyandry can be effective to counter polygamy:
Nothing will work unless those fraud laws of All India Muslim Personal Law Board which are designed to expand Muslims unfairly are repealed.
Besides polygamy, if a Hindu girl, married to a Muslim, does not convert to Islam, her marriage gets a status of “irregular”. They keep her for producing Muslim children but treat her like dirt and she has no right to husband’s property. Even Supreme Court cannot save her because that is the law of the land. So, we shall lose that girl if she marries a Muslim.
That is why, the best way forward to build a modern India is to build fair and just laws for everyone and join the civilized world. If we want to build some safeguards for widows and their children, that is a separate issue. However, polygamy where we have constant shortage of Muslim women and excess of Muslim boys who are constantly converting Hindu girls and our next generations including tons of love jihad cases, is dripping away and this dripis getting larger, our Sanaatan Dharma and nation every day. We are not noticing now but will soon begin to notice ,even in day to day lives.
We are like sitting on a Titanic Ship with holes under the hull that can be easily fixed now but, if not fixed, will sink the Titanic in the long run.

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