Kind of Opposition Parties in Hindu State Bhaarat

By Suresh Vyas

Most Hindus want to make Bhaarat a Vedic (Hindu) State because the Hindu Dharma and culture are inherently respectful to all the faiths that are respectful to the Hindu Dharma and culture. Additionally, Hindu is universal religion for mankind. So, the Hindu State Bhaarat will encourage all citizens to live sin-free. Being so, no one should have a problem in the creation of the Hindu State.

Unlike Islam, the Hindu dharma has no problem with democratic form of government. Generally, a democratic country has at least one ‘opposition’ party. So, in the Hindu State what kind of opposition parties should be there? Since the State would not allow anti-national or anti-Hindu party, I think the political parties would be like this:

Advait Party

This party would believe in formless god or no god. So, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists, Kabir panth, and atheists would join this party.

Dvaita Party


This party would believe in god with form. So, All the followers five or so Vaishva Samprdaya, and Shiva panth, and Shakta panth will join this party.

Of these two parties, one will be in power, and one will be the opposition party. There will never be violence or dirty politics for political power.

The opposition party would work to provide a better option to the decision/ planning/ execution /administration of the ruling party. The party would need to logically show with facts why their option is better than the ruling party’s decision. This party would not oppose each and every decision of the ruling party just because it is the opposition party like an enemy.

I request readers to share constructive comments to improve this article.

Jaya sri Krishna!




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