On Legal Aspect of Hate Speech

Most democracies say that hate speech is illegal, and should not be allowed, and be punished.

In judging a speech as a hate speech, the court does not find if the speech is telling a truth or a lie.

Take an example of Islam. It’s Books (Koran and Hadith) are fill of hate speeches against the kafirs (non-Muslims.) So, then on that ground the democracies must declare Islam illegal.

Additionally, if a kafir hates Islam, or Koran and Hadith, then the kafir has a valid ground to hate Islam.

The court cannot tell the kafirs to live Islam, the killer religion for the kafirs.

Therefore, when there is valid data/ground to hate something, then such a speech should not be punishable. Therefore, all the Hindus have the right to hate Islam and give hate speech on Islam on streets anytime, and it must not e punishable. If the Muslims come to attack them, then the Hindus have the birthright for aatma-raxan and kill the Muslims who come to attack them.

Bottom line: The court must judge of a hate speech has vaild ground for it or not. When no ground, then only it is punishable.

Jaya sri Krishna!

Suresh Vyas


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