What to do Now in Bhaarat about the Islam problem

By Suresh Vyas

Below is an answer to Sri Kulkarni’s question in the below email.

The current situation is that “the house is on fire.”

Islam is our (and the world’s) problem.


So, the highest priority is we need to formally declare Islam Illegal in Bhaarat;

and amend the constitution to make it pro-Vedic.

As long as the constitution says Islam is legal, we have no way to win over Islam.


Once we approach the asuras near/around where we live with arms and unity,

they will surrender and be willing to quit Islam. This is per Dharma.


Note that the Christians killed many Red Indians in the Americas, and they had no moral ground to do so.

In contrast, only the fools and anti-Hindus in the world will oppose us when we begin to purge out Islam from Hindustan.  When we know what is right to do, we have to unite and do it w/o worrying what anyone else thinks or says. This is a life and death question.


The Muslims have been successful in chasing away the Hindus from their homes using threat of violence.

So, now we need to begin chasing away the asuras from our neighborhoods.


When that happens, they will gather in certain areas (the mini-Pakistans within Bhaarat.)

They can survive there only if water and electricity are supplied that passes through the Hindu areas.

They cannot go in and out of their areas w/o passing through the Hindu areas.

They cannot survive unless we buy/sell products or services from/to them.


So, we need to economically boycott all Muslims with unity, no matter what.

Then we can stop/block their entrance/exit points.

We can stop water and electricity to their areas till they quit Islam or quit Baharat.


We would need to provide protection to the Hindus in villages,

else the asuras will go there and kill them.

This is kraanti, and the time for it is now.

Keep arms and know how to use them. You will need to invoke Kshatriya spirit within you as aapad-dharma.


If what I said makes sense then spread the word to the Hindus you know.

If it does not make sense to you, then find your ways to solve the Islam issue,

but without pulling the legs of the Hindus who do as I described above.

Do not be an enemy of the Hindus who work to solve our common problems in their chosen way.


A problem can have more ways to solve, so either solve it together with unity,

or solve it in your own way; but do not defeat the Hindus who try to solve in a different way.


jaya sri krishna!







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