Building Hindu State Nation

by Suresh Vyas

Hindustan (Bhaarat =Aravarta) and the Hindus are under attack from Islam (Gazwa-e-Hind) and by the Xians; and by the Communists.

The majority Hindustanis, the Hindus, have no choice but to organize, unite and make Bharat a Vedic State, not secular, where Islam will be illegal. There is a lot of good rationale to do so.

Because the anti-Hindu forces are constantly active, we the Hindus have no choice but be constantly pro-active to serve our dharma and raashtra interests.  It has become easier by the current technologies.

How to unite and what to do is to be decided and understood.

The fact is that no matter what large or small society you take, there always will be classes of people in it based on a variety of characteristics.  This is human nature and it has it use also. Therefore, the Hinds (the Vedic society has four basic class (varna) of people:

  • The brahmanas (the intellectuals who study Vedic scriptures, understand what dharma is, live per dharma, and guide the society to live sin-free and advance spiritually.) They also are teachers and professors
  • The Kshatriyas maintain law and order in the society. They are warrior class and ensure that no one does any crime against any Hindu doing his/her dharma practice
  • The Vaishyas are the merchants and traders. They need peace, without which treading is not possible
  • The shudras. They are those who did not undergo the yajnopavit samskara. They provide labor to the society.

Per the Vedic scriptures no class is higher or lower, and to think so is sin. Every varna has to give due respect to any other varna.  One’s varna is decided by one’s guNa and karma and not by birth. Therefore, anyone can change one’s varna by developing guNa and karma of any other varna.

So, how the Hindu will constantly fight against the asuric forces is described below.

  • Never look down at any other varna, but respect and care all Hindus
  • The Braahmanas fight intellectually with the asuras
  • The Kshatriyas fight physically when necessary. They also collect intelligence, determine tactics and strategies to fight
  • The Vaishyas fight economically. With unity they can boycott the enemies
  • The shudras can refuse to serve the enemies

This is no time for philosophical debts between Hindu sampradayas. Time is to unite and act for the national and dharma interests.

To fight and defeat the asursas, the unity has to occur at each Hindu mohalla level, and between any two neighbor mohallas. This has to happen all over the nation. And all need to be pro-active, not just re-active. A lot of intelligence has to be gathered about the neighbor asuras, and their gati-vidhi and plans. Every mohall needs to have armed guards. The Hindus need to terrorize the asuras. Once a week or twice a month all Hindus need to come with arms on the streets and chant bhaarat mata ki jai, jaya Sanatan Dharma, etc. to instill fear in the hearts of the asuras. Never be a “sitting ducks” for the auras to come and kill or rape you. With the gathered information and analysis, figure out what the asuras will be doing in near future; then defeat their plans.

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