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Hindu Dharma Needs to be Organized against the Anti-Hindu Enemies


So far, the Hindu Dharma is not organized, and that weakness is exploited by enemies. – Suresh Vyas


 Whenever Hindus claim Hinduism is dharma and not a religion like Christianity and Islam, actually without knowing they tell exactly what went wrong. Religion is not inferior to dharma by any stretch of the imagination. Considering the track record, in fact, it is the other way round. 

Religions organize a cohesive force of society compensating for individual deficiencies by collective strengths. Dharma necessarily remained at the level of the individual quest for higher personal goals which restricted the role of collective efforts. It resulted in fragmented society and everyone striving for his personal salvation, many times at the cost of society. Once the idea of personal salvation getting paramount importance over the collective interest, it sipped into our culture where corruption and bribery at the cost of society flourished. Materialistic societies have a better sense of social and collective responsibilities and they are less corrupt and more disciplined in civil life.  But people boasting of their spiritual culture are also ranked as the most corrupt society in the world too. They exhibit a callous attitude towards their social responsibilities. (If in doubt, stand at the signal for 10 minutes where there is no police and watch how many follow rules and honor signal).  Our history is full of defeats due to treachery and not losing on the battlefield or lack of martial skills or bravery.  Is it any wonder on any human development index, we rank almost at the bottom?

 So we have to wake up to the reality that we do not have a religion is, in fact, our biggest weakness for which we paid a very heavy price.  If we do not have one, it is time to create one.  No point in tom tomming we have no religion and only dharma, without understanding its practical ramifications. 

 Can anyone tell what leadership 4 Shankaracharyas have given us during the last several centuries when we went through the holocaust?  Do they understand the significance and purpose of Adi Shankaracharya creating 4 peethas at 4 corners of the country? What they have done so far to address the social problems faced by people at the lowest rungs of society?  What they have done to prevent over a million Hindus converting every year to criminal cults?  Do they understand its consequences for our society?  They are wasting time in chanting mantras, memorizing scriptures and performing rituals daily. And so are we!


Response by Suresh Vyas:

What Kulkarni ji said below cannot be denied,
 but the problem is that the Hindus gave higher priority to personal moksha than to the Hindu Nation. This is not recommended by Dharma.
​The Veda says:
वयम् राष्ट्रे जागृयाम्॥
The Vedic society has a whole Kshatriya class to protect the nation and the society. The Brahmanas’ duty is to raise true Kshatriyas thru the Gurukul education system.  This did not happen due to foreign rules.​
The four Vedic varnas should not compete with each other for political power.
The Congress gave political power to the Shudras.
Eleven many Hindus misinterpret Dharma because they refuse to accept a genuine Dharma guru. Or they did not care to know dharma.
Currently, the constitution and the laws are not protecting saadhus or dharma gurus. Therefore, the Shankaracharyas and Vaishnav Aacharyas do not take leadership in the matter of politics as is related to Dharma and Raashtra.
Let me share an example of how Dharma has to be lived by.
Srimad Bhagavatam verse 1-18-48 says Shamik Rishi’s words:
तिरस्ता विप्रलब्धाः शप्ताः क्षिप्ताः हता अपि।
नास्यतत् प्रतिकुर्वन्ति तद्भ्क्तः प्र्भवोऽपि हि ॥
“The devotees of the lord forbearing that even though they are defamed, cursed, disturbed, neglected, or even killed, they are never inclined to avenge themselves.”
Now this is for the devotees, not for the Kshatriyas, whose dharma is to ensure that anyone who mistreated dharma practitioners, must be punished or killed.
Thus all the four Vedic varna need to take care of each other. 
Political power has to be in the Kshatriya class, and they need to rule per the dharma guidance from the brahmanas or the dharma gurus.
That is why every future Hindu politician must have a genuine dharma guru for guidance. We all love Yogi Adityanath ji.
Therefore, we need several Vedic institutes that constantly produce Yogi’s for political positions. if we don’t do it, then the asuras can come to power to rule over us.
When the constitution and the laws favor the dharma gurus, then they most likely will organize and provide leadership against the asuric forces.
jaya sri krishna!

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