Universal Criteria for Comparing Religions

A religion is better than another religion when:

  1. It gives more freedom of thought, speech and action.
  2. It is tolerant of all the tolerant religions because tolerating the intolerant is encouraging intolerance.
  3. Its practice does not take away, or curtail, or limit the freedom, lives, lands, or property, pursuit for happiness, or dignity and honor of the followers of other tolerant religions.


  1. Its practice is eco-friendly and harmonious with nature.
  2. It does not encourage animal killings for fun.
  3. Its practice makes one compassionate to other living beings.


  1. People accept it by free choice without any force, pressure or enticement for conversion.
  2. Its followers or preachers preach only to those who have friendly and non-envious interest to know it.
  3. It is more scientific or logical than another religion.


  1. It does not say, “Kill those who quit this religion.”
  2. It does not say, “Women cannot go to heaven.”
  3. Its place of prayer or religious activity is open to all to visit who feel friendly and no envious to the religion.


  1. It does not say one race or sex is superior to another.
  2. It does not encourage slavery, sex out of marriage, gambling, or intoxication.
  3. It is for all the humans of all the time. It is not exclusive for a particular race, or country or group.


  1. Its practice helps in achieving peace at any level from personal to national and global. It has more potential for achieving world peace.

So, if you use the above criteria to judge if a religion is better than another religion, you will find that some religions are not good, and at least one is really worst or barbaric.


jaya sri krishna!

Suresh Vyas


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