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Sir, I wish to submit humbly-

One should not trust Congress Party of India, not even recognize them. This Party ought to have been outlawed and their leaders “executed” or thrown in jail in 1947 after they accepted, without referendum or reason, the bogus Partition that amounted to “death by mutilation” of our Mother India.

Congress Party betrayed the nation in 1947 when they surrendered one third of India UNCONDITIONALLY to the Indian Muslims. Thereafter it was the Congress government that degraded the armed forces, making us “paupers”. I can recall the salary drop for a 2nd. Lt (1948) from Rs 1400 per month down to Rs. 325 per month. The TRAITORS, suspected the Army of disloyalty, fearing a coup, reduced the status in protocol drastically to make our Generals “Yes” men before BABOOS.

Congress has tried to “kill” the manliness and valour of the Indian army by alienating NEPAL and the SIKHS. It was the CONGRESS prime minister, Indira Gandhi, a secret convert to Islam, who returned the captured East Bengal back to Islam in 1972, obtaining NO commitment to maintain secularism.

Congress Party was in power when we had NINETY THOUSAND Pakistani soldiers in custody. WAS IT NOT THE TIME TO RECOVER NORTH KASHMIR? That strategic omission was deliberate. It amounted to High Treason. Again no one suspected the prime minister at the time of being a friend of the enemy.

Immediately after taking over Partitioned India, Mr Nehru, the prime minister, set about RUINING the state of training and equipment of the Indian Armed Forces. In 1962 our Jawans suffered from frost bite and had fingers and toes amputated for lack of winter clothing along the Northern borders Hence the Chinese (officially “Bhai Bhai”) could inflict a crushing defeat on the once invincible Indian Army. Please recall the fate of the 7th Infantry Brigade –

Brigadier John Parashuram Dalvi (1920-1980) was the commander of the Indian 7th Brigade. The 7th Brigade was destroyed in the 1962 Sino-Indian War. Brigadier Dalvi was captured by the PLA on October 22, 1962.

Neither PM Nehru resigned nor his Defence Minister at the time.

The nation can never forget the HIGH TREASON committed by the All-India Congress Party for-

(1) accepting the unconditional surrender of India in 1947,

(2) Degradation of the Indian Armed Forces immediately after Partition,

(3)  criminal neglect of the Indian armed forces with regard to acute shortages of clothing, equipment and manpower, leading to discontentment, and the defeat at the hands of the Chinese;

(4) Declaring cease-fire in North Kashmir when our troops were recovering the whole of J & K State;

(5) Three wars against Pakistan but not an inch of land recovered. In 1965, instead of capturing Lahore, the prime minister, a secret convert to Islam, planned retreat in East Punjab that was vehemently opposed by our patriotic generals. Mrs Indira Gandhi (MAIMUNA BEGUM) didn’t mind surrendering even the holy city of Amritsar to Pakistan after surrendering Sri Nankana Sahib and Lahore earlier!

(6) Exclusion of military officers in high level committees and commissions (e.g., Pay Commissions) where strategic decisions are taken regarding the armed forces.

(7)  Never conceding the post of SUPREME COMMANDER to an ex army General, Air Marshal or Admiral of the Navy. Those put in the key post cannot even tell the difference between a sten gun and a machine gun, yet expected to inspire the brave Jawans to lead them to victory.

(8) Keeping the civil & military divide where we see the retired senior officers spend their time in defence clubs and gymkhanas instead of serving the society. Indian Army was kept in the old Colonial mindset not to notice the misery and impoverishment of the civil population.

(9) The misuse of the Indian Army as a mercenary force of Nehru Dynasty and their Congress Party while carrying out Operation “Blue Star” in East Punjab and then going out to Sri Lanka to kill the Tamils of Indian origin struggling for petty concessions from their government. The contrast with Turkey intervening in Cyprus (1974) to defend the people of Turkish origin there, cannot be greater!

(10) India is a HINDU country. We have deep and strong attachment to our native faiths. We have our own divine “Messengers, Messiahs, Prophets and Avatars” like Sri Krishna, Sri Ram, Mahatma Buddha, Guru Nanak Dev to Guru Gobind Singhji. Pandit Nehru and his Congress Party had the audacity to abolish” them all with the flick of his finger and declare our deeply religious people (Hindus) “secular” while at the same time conceding full recognition to ISLAM in the part of India that became “Pakistan” overnight!

Nehru cared two hoots for Hindu Dharma, that was zero in his eyes, while adoring the “MIGHT & WEALTH” of The VATICAN and MECCA! All the PROUD Hindus wanted to drown Nehru and his “Hindu bashing” Congress Party in the river.

Please look at the British and the American armies. Despite the recruitment of men & women of all other religions & faiths on earth, the Christian ethos is not degraded. Congress destroyed something as precious as “religion” from the natives of Hindusthan, simply to appease the FOREIGNERS.

Sir, if you could visualize the mood among the TWELVE MILLION Hindu refugees at the illegal Partition, who were fleeing for life, it was that everyone belonging to Congress Party ought to be HANGED TO DEATH, starting with PANDIT JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU, for surrendering our sacred land without a single condition to the Indian Muslims who were not ordered to leave for their Pakistan immediately, thus making a mockery of Mother India and all the divine religions that were born there!

Instead of accepting the Press Release by the “Congress Party of India” you (and the nation) ought to insist on holding the INQUEST over the sudden DEATH of our Mother India (Bharat Mata) in 1947.

Finally, Sir, since the Congress Party is committed to Partition and Pakistan, they cannot be loyal to Bharat.

The sooner the traitors are exposed and EXTERMINATED, the better for the survival of Bharat. Our loyalty to Bharat Mata ought not to be questionable!

Best regards

rs rajput

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