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Amit ji,

You have done well to write to Brig Kamboj on this recurring instance of Muslims trying to overpower Hindu girls in Partitioned India. It is a perennial menace that can only be remedied by putting in practice what you have suggested.

Along with arming oneself there needs to be an understanding, a conviction, that each and every Hindu girl is the DAUGHTER OF BHARAT MATA and if one is molested the entire social and government machinery should immediately come into action. Law should be enacted that a Hindu father or brother or relative is entitled to take action to AVENGE the dishonor of the family.

We need to have the same volition to defend our daughters that the Muslims show with regard to THEIR girls. Have we ever heard a Hindu young man raping a Muslim girl in Bharat or Pakistan? Their audacity is in direct proportion to PERCEIVED Hindu cowardice or weakness.

A massive AWARENESS campaign should be started in Bharat.  It is time to use EMOTIVE slogans like “Rape of a Hindu girl is a slap to Bharat Mata,” or “Make hanging compulsory for every rapist”.

We need to go BEYOND e-mailing & writing but charge the supine Hindu organizations to ACT and gather around the culprit’s house and mete out the PUNISHMENT- and put in the media.

Let’s hope that rape is eradicated from Bharat like Malaria, polio and plague.

best wishes


28 Oct 2020


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