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There Is Urgent, Rather Desperate, Need of A Genuine “Father Of Nation” Like Netaji Or Shivaji who is charismatic and can UNITE the nation.

Hindus are behaving like the HEADLESS CHICKEN. Despite so many defeats and surrenders there is not a care in the world that might perturb them! It is not only amazing but beyond belief that a whole nation should be SO UNCONCERNED about the past (surrender of Lahore in OUR lifetime) and the future (Muslims OVERTAKING the Hindus by NUMBERS).

All the wealth and money has gone to ITALIANS when we know the proverb “MONEY MAKES THE MARE GO!” Mr Modi, our “Chnakya”, has not put ONE scamster in jail yet, whereas Imran Khan has accused the former prime minister of Pakistan as a traitor, and is asking for his extradition from UK to put him in jail for life.

We see TWO types of nations on this earth. One who can CONQUER and the other who can forget those defeats in a second. There cannot be a bigger CRIME than to forget PARTITION. One day before, Lahore and Delhi were in India. One day later, Lahore GONE to the ENEMY and Delhi celebrated “Independence”.

For our FAILINGS, OMISSIONS & COMMISSIONS, there will be retribution. The tragedy is, that if the whole nation is pacifist (Gandhian) then the whole nation will be WIPED OUT.

Such nations see their LEADERS thrown in boiling water, beheaded under guillotine, entombed alive, cruelly disemboweled. When we speak of the MUSLIMS, they have not improved a bit since the time of Mohammed. They were as savage in 712AD as now when they wiped out the whole YAZIDI community in Syria only five years ago- and they got away!

They can be extremely vengeful and bitter. After Master Tara Singh tore up the Pakistani flag in Lahore (3rd of March 1947) they raided all the villages in his Rawalpindi District and massacred 84 members of his family! What mercy will the re-enslaved Hindus expect from the Mohammedans who destroyed the Buddha statues in Afghanistan, destroyed every school university and temple in Hindusthan and killed the following good men, too, who were only doing humanitarian work in Islamic lands-

David Haines, the Scottish aid worker, Alan Henning the father of two from England, Peter Kassig, from Indiana, USA, Kayla Nyekker from Arizona, USA, Steven Sotloff from Florida, USA, and James Foley, a journalist from the USA, and COUNTLESS more since the time of Mohammed in Mecca.

Which Hindu did they spare in Pakistan, East and West, in1947? YET NO ALARM BELLS AMONG THE HINDUS!  The Hindus have been denied EDUCATION and AWARENESS. They have been de-sensitized during the centuries of slavery. The result is that SLAVERY is again the realistic prospect in (what is left of) Hindusthan.

I regret the fact that the Hindus have very poor MEDIA and what the patriots are doing is hardly known to more than 2,000 people across Bharat whereas it should be going to ONE BILLION. There is appalling ILLITERACY. That has to be tackled. There is appalling IGNORANCE. That, too, has to be tackled. What are the “Education” Ministers doing? What are the HISTORY teachers teaching apart from Mogul glory and MK Gandhi’s celibacy?

We should all do our utmost to save the remaining Hindus. A whole civilization is at stake. Muslim take over will mean compulsory FGM and circumcision of all and the Sharia Law on top! Hence, we must do EVERYTHING to save the Rest of India from going under the ISLAMIC flag.

In sociology I read something significant. To unite people the leaders should point out the DANGERS ahead. Sadly, the present Government and leadership, both are telling the Hindu masses that ALL IS WELL! Not a word about Partition (and what is coming)!

India is perhaps the only country on earth where the so-called LEADERS are making sure that ultimately the Hindus are ENSLAVED again, to be killed or converted. They will then share the fate of ORIGINAL Indians in America and the ORIGINAL inhabitants of Australia.

Hence, we must devote all attention and efforts to making the “supine Gandhian” Hindus WARRIORS.


25 Oct 2020

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